About Mara

Mara Who?

Ahoy! I'm Mara. I'd like to say I am a 20-something blogger but I'll be 30 years old in a few month's time (#embraceaging). I work for one of the top beauty companies in the world as a Web Content Editor and Social Media Lead. Kind of like the Neal Sampat of our company, only better dressed, and I produce campaigns rather than news broadcasts. If my life will play out like a TV series, I think it will closely resemble Mindy's from The Mindy Project or Kimmie's from Super Fun Night. Obviously, I love watching television, but I try to read more books when I can.

If you are so inclined to get to know me more and if you happen to be Tom Hiddleston, here are 20 Things You Wish You Didn't Know About Me.

Isms, What?

Welcome to Maraisms! My personal blog where I talk about things that are relevant to my interest. I started blogging 10 years ago and my blog has undergone different incarnations from being a personal journal to having a short stint as a beauty blog. I have since settled into this cozy, little space to talk about Tom Hiddleston, food, beauty, shopping, travel, musicals, movies, books, making lists, and my adventures and misadventures in life. I also like making goals and somewhat sticking to them. If you are into those things, off-beat comedies, and jokes that no one gets, then you are in the right place, my friend.

I hope you stick a while and have a look around. I like meeting like-minded people and I am more cordial and social online than I am in real life.

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