Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things | Week 1

"Really? Mara? Looking at the brighter side of things?" you may ask. But I just want to have a mini celebration in honor of me this week because for some weird, fortunate reason, I do not hate everything as much as I used to. So on with my list!

Also posted on a Sunday BECAUSE I CAN.
  1. I FEEL BETTER. And with that I mean not everything is as hateful or gloomy or annoying as it seems. Maybe my hormones have normalized or something. Thank you, Body.

  2. "Please better have my money" is what my 11-year-old niece thought Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" is.

  3. Facebook Memories. Sometimes I get really sick of how everyone is just fronting/humblebragging and posting about life events I do not care about on Facebook. But this week, Facebook Memories reminded me of something that warmed my tiny, cold heart.

  4. Having what I'd like to call a New York movie moment. It's when you coincidentally bump into a friend and end up having dinner with said friend. This has never happened to me! Can you believe that? I love living in the city!

  5. Toby's Estate's Iced Flat White Coffee. My Avon Lunch Friends and I have started a habit of getting coffee from Toby's Estate around the corner from our office instead of Starbucks. Their coffee is just the right pick-me-upper that we need to get us through half of the day.

  6. My work KPIs are on fleek! Probably not using "on fleek" in the right context, but I am feeling #blessed my midyear work results are on track.

  7. Office friend (who will remain unnamed) shared this meme the other day. I'm happy I have someone in the office I can be gago with and doesn't expect positivity and glitters to shoot out of my eyes. She gets My Hatred (sentence case because it's real) because she has her Own Hatred, too.

  8. Going home to real food after a hard day's work. Photo below is my favorite comfort food - Laoag longganisa with dinengdeng na malunggay pods. I like to keep it real when I'm home. We Ruizes do not care of Instagrammable food because we know our grub is the best no matter how it looks.

  9. Planning a sleepover to watch scary movies with my #TrueFriends. In which we just avoid setting a date because most of us live alone and are too chicken sh** to go home afterwards if we do push through with this Horror Movie-themed sleepover. Never change, #TrueFriends.

  10. I've decided for the mean time that I will be pimp walking to Jay Z's Can I Get A.  I say for the mean time because I read the lyrics and I'm not sure it's something I want to pimp walk to in the future. I just like the beat and how it reminds me of Rush Hour and high school. LOL.

  11. fresh off the boat eddie huang pimp walk

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