Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beauty Hack #2: How to make your foundation look like skin

Without using the Blur Tool!

So it may seem like I'm sliding back to thinking this is a beauty blog again, but TBQH, I just really, really, REALLY love beauty-related things that I can't stop talking about it. There are so many beauty knowledge out there, and it gets me so frustrated to not have anyone to share it with.

But anyway, I am trying this new thing where I test drive tips I find online so I can share them with you or anyone who cares to read. So I hope you enjoy this tip and let me know if it works for you!

How to make your foundation look like skin without using the Blur tool.

Backstory: Again I blame humidity for making my favorite sunscreen that perfectly worked last summer to go haywire on me come June. Confession Hour: I don't moisturize in the morning. I just put on sunscreen because I am more afraid of premature skin aging than dry skin.

Beauty Hack: I picked up a few pointers from this Refinery 29 article and parted ways for the mean time with my sunscreen. You can say I have been begrudgingly using moisturizer for the day. It's just so sticky in the morning, you guys.

But as I've found out, the reason moisturizer gives me that icky feeling in the morning is because I have been using it wrong. Sure, I've read about tips of waiting for a few minutes for your moisturizer to dry before putting anything on your face, but who has the time?

It turns out, allowing your moisturizer to settle into your skin before putting on foundation avoids having all that product on top of your face. Moisturizer gets absorbed by your skin, foundation goes in after a few minutes, foundation melts with the natural oils on your face instead of your moisturizer, giving you that coveted luminous, dewy look.

Ta dah!

So there goes my Beauty Hack! Try it and  let me know how if you get the same results.
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