Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beauty Hack #1: How to give your hair volume with just one hair product

Living alone stripped me the luxury of time (chores all around!), so I always try to find ways to make my life simpler and my day-to-day going ons faster. I know some people plan their outfits for the week or have an outfit "uniform" to take the guesswork out of dressing up. But since my first love is Beauty and I just randomly pick whatever is in my closet, I tend to find ways to hack my Beauty routines. Of course, this beauty hack is not universal, but feel free to try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Please expect gratuitous photos of my face.

How to give your hair volume with just one hair product.

Backstory: Every time rainy season comes, there's something crazy about the weather that makes my hair limp and my scalp super oily. I even had my scalp checked by a dermatologist to see why I seemingly have a river of oil coming out of it (she says I can't do anything about it).

So when I went to my hairstylist, I asked him to give my hair texture by cutting it into chunkier layers, the least I can do to avoid floppy hair. But I disgress.

Beauty Hack: Long story short, every day, after I wash my hair with volumizing shampoo (no conditioner because it can weigh your hair down), I don't comb it immediately to give it that (for the lack of a better term) puff that you get when you forget to comb your hair. While it's still wet, I put it in a twisty bun using a hair clamp. By doing so and letting it air dry using my car's air conditioner, it frizzes up in glorious ways that make me end up look like this:

And this if it's really humid.

Not bad for someone who lied to you about a Beauty hack and used her laziness and perennial tardiness as an excuse to not comb her hair. If you can get away with not combing your hair for the day, good for you, but I still do post hair clamp. I sitll do work in an office setting. I just twist the ends a bit to make the fly aways work to my advantage.

It stays up this way up until around 4PM, but under the conditions that you stay inside an air conditioned room and do not sweat a lot.

P.S. People have been complimenting me about losing weight and having slightly thinner face, but I think I can attribute it all to having a great hair life as the moment!

So there goes my Beauty Hack! Try it and  let me know how if you get the same results.
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The Reluctant Stylista said...

I can already tell this will work because every time air conditioning touches my damp hair I know it's going to be a fluffy day (we have the opposite problem). But I do use dry shampoo from Lush when I need volume at the crown.

Mara Ruiz said...

Alex, for some reason Disqus isn't working I. Mobile. I just read your comment now. I've tried Lush dry shampoo, too, but unfortunately didn't work for my oily hair :(

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