Friday, July 24, 2015

Read Lately: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


Dear Rainbow,

At this point, I have already read all of your books - Fangirl, Landline, Eleanor and Park, and lately, Attachments. Can I call you Rainbow? I think I should be comfortable in the First Name Basis territory after obsessively reading your oeuvre. But, ya know, Rainbow, I have to confess, this one didn't hit the right nerves as Fangirl did.

I mean, sure, it still has your unique writing style that makes ordinary people sound multidimensional, short of saying it's like reading someone's journal. I got that feeling A LOT in Fangirl and then it regressed with each of your book that I've read.

For one, it felt like there's a disconnect with how you envisioned Lincoln to be a curly and burly guy who works in IT to actual curly and burly guys who work in IT. I just couldn't shrug off the image of IT guys in the company I work for. This is to say the character descriptions in the book were not strong enough for me to put on my casting director hat and imagine my own version of Lincoln while reading the book.

I was actually imagining him to look like this guy:

until I Googled "Lincoln" "fan art" and came up with results that is this guy

and it was OK because I love Chris Pratt. Also, contrary to Andy Dwyer, I imagined Lincoln to be of course smarter, but still dresses like Andy Dwyer.

I'd be totally honest: I did not care about Beth and Jennifer. I couldn't tell them apart and I couldn't sympathize. I don't blame your characterization though. I chalk it up to not being in a state of my life where I could relate to your characters. I felt the same way, too, when I read Landline. I am just looking out for you Ate Rainbow. Maybe I am not your target demographic for both books.

But I totally rooted for Lincoln, however, much less when I imagined he's actually Chris Pratt. Also IT guys who snoop on your email and fall in love with you? It crossed the line for me, even if you gave Lincoln a conscience.

You see, Ate Rainbow, I've seen enough Star Cinema movies and imagined my own office romances when I was still an intern to have such high expectations of how this book would end. Maybe more missed chances, maybe a note to invite each other for coffee, maybe Beth's boyfriend ending up talking to Lincoln about Beth. As they say in internet slang, "s*** got real" in this book, so maybe it really was not for me.

I would still love to read more from you, and I heard Carry On is coming out this year


So, everyone else, what have you read lately?

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