Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Social Media Resolutions

I've been working on the internet for close to five years now, and I've always had my self-imposed rules on how to use social media. There are rules, too, carried out by the company I work for, but I do have my own personal guidelines that I also follow. However, admittedly, sometimes I forget my own protocols. So here's a little reminder to myself and also a personal declaration of how I want to conduct myself online.

On Blogging and This Blog


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There will be minimal mention or blog posts about the company I work for. When I started working with my current company, social media was still in its infancy and bloggers were, well, personal bloggers. Save for a select few who were then making their niche. I was a blogger then, too, but a personal one. I think working with a beauty company had me disoriented with what I really want to do with this blog. Do I write about the company, its products, and its events? Having worked in PR, the things I mentioned are practically the things that my life revolved around then. Hence, the only things I can write about.

But then I realized that blogging about the company on my personal blog is beyond my scope of work and I might be too exhausted to talk about my own life if I let my work life crossover my blog. So today, I am making a decision that I will talk as little as I can about work in this blog mainly because I want to keep this online space mine and not bound by the company's personality and writing tone.

If I can, I will choose to write introspectively rather than write about experiences. That is, except for the Weekly Currently's that I do, which serve the purpose of recapping the experiences I have throughout the week.

The reason I am doing this is, firstly, I want to know myself better by delving deeper into my motivations and experiences. I want to take the way I write into the path of self-discovery. No matter how new age-y shit this sounds to you, to me, it makes perfect sense. Secondly, I want to be brave, and doing reviews and run throughs of what vacations I've taken are not really reflective of who I am. As cheesy as this sounds, I want to write straight from the heart, as open and as direct as I can permit myself to be.

On Facebook

A few weeks ago, I made a choice to limit access to my feed only to close family members and really close friends. Office mates, bosses, and casual acquaintances can still connect with me on Facebook but will have a restricted view of my feed. That is, they will only see content that I posted with Shared to Public privacy settings. We are connected, I have accepted their friends request, but they will not see particular posts that are posted with Shared to Friends privacy settings.

You may think I am taking Facebook very seriously for being selective about who I give access to my feed, but I have my reasons.

1. Most of the content I post on Facebook are crossposted from my Instagram and Twitter accounts, which are public. Everyone is free to follow me on my public accounts.

2. Colleagues, office mates, and bosses can connect with me via LinkedIn, which is a more appropriate venue.

3. I treat Facebook as a networking site to connect to friends and family members. To me, it is very personal. I post updates about my life, current mood, and honest opinion for instance. I expect that the people I connect on Facebook will respect that the content I publish is my own and not the policy of the company I work for. However, I have been given the privilege and the burden to represent the company in the digital realm, and whatever I write is indirectly reflective of the company.

To be quite honest, I felt like I lost control of my personal account. So as a compromise, I am keeping my private persona on Facebook - which is again shared only to people who I trust - and anything public like my Instagram and Twitter accounts will adhere to be the person the company expects me to be.

On Instagram

When the year started, I made a resolution to stop taking too stylized photos of my life. Again, styled photos are not reflective of me or my life. My work station is a mess and not everything arranges themselves beautifully and Pinterest worthily. It may be what others want, but as Amy Poehler said: "Good for you, but not for me."

I want my Instagram feed to photographically show where I've been, what I've experienced, who I shared a moment with. Whatever slight rearrangement of the items on the table happened because it's the best way to take a photo of and not because I laboriously, painstakingly styled it.

Besides, if anyone wants to know if I can style and envision Instagram posts, I can. They just have to look at my online portfolio here.

On Twitter

To be quite honest, I don't know what to do with Twitter. I mainly use it to get my breaking news and local gossip. But I want to make it relevant by making more connections online. So for Twitter, I resolve to stop subtweeting and I'll try to reply to people's tweets. It takes courage to actualize your thoughts into 140 characters and the least I can do is assure that person she's not tweeting to the abyss.

So there goes my social media self-imposed rules and resolutions. Got any?

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