Thursday, May 21, 2015

NO-stalgia: 5 things I'm happy to no longer experience

There are a lot of things I wish I do not have to experience - fear of frogs, Perennial Need to Create Meaning (damn you, millennial feels!), and FOMO. But if there are things that I am extremely, over-the-top, #thankful and happy not to experience anymore, it's these 5 things under the cut.

1. Public Transportation.

Every time I see the snaking line at the MRT. Every time I cry meekly inside because it's been 45 minutes and I haven't gotten a cab yet. Every time there's a 2x surge in Uber and other middle class people problems. I say a silent prayer of thanks that I know how to drive and that my parents gave me a car for my college graduation.

It's not that I do not take public transportation anymore. I just avoid it like a plague if I can. I've been commuting to and from work up until I turned 23 years old, so you can't really blame me if I don't want to show up for work sweat drenched anymore. Or that I can be a bag lady and bring all my makeup with me because I can leave them in car the anyway. Or that I can go anywhere and leave anytime.

I also live in Cavite, so you can just imagine the hell on earth I experience if I still commute to and from Cavite to Makati.

2. Going to the library to find quick answers to win an argument.

Of course I know better than to get my information from Wikipedia. But there's no greater glory than winning a pronunciation argument because yours is Merriem-Webster app and internet validated.

Also, no more "Which movie that guy appeared in again?" thanks to IMDB.

3. Pretending to care about what an uninteresting person has to say.

My really close friends and I have this special understanding that we can cut off anyone at anytime if we're not interested with what he/she has to say. We call it the "I'm so bored with this conversation card"or ISBWACA, and I use it liberally. If I can ISBWACA the s*** out of a boring conversation, I would. But there's Normal People Decorum to adhere to.

4. Having your smile down pat because anything shot on photographic film is eternal.

I learned to practice my plakado or default smile back in high school, back when everything was shot in film. Years and years of class photos, group shots (not groufies), and studio barkada shots have taught me the valuable lesson that the group will not retake a photo they already look good in just because you blinked.

5. Strictly setting up a meeting place and time because not doing so will mean you won't see each other inside the mall and you have to use the PA system to look for each other. BTW, do malls still have PA systems?

Remember those days when you have to call your friend's landline to ask if she's left the house already? I do and I don't miss it. Thank god for text messaging and "WRU?"

So I just realized how this post ages me, but it's fun to reminisce. Enough about me. How about you?

What's on your NO-stalgia list?

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