Sunday, May 24, 2015

Currenty Week 2: The Crazy Ones, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, and Adult Problems

I don't even know where I got the energy to power through this 6-day work week. But I'm home in my parents' house in Cavite now and I'm relaxed as hell. My niece's Mood Indicator app says so.



I'm still stuck in Gone Girl with no hopes of finishing it within the week or next. It's not even worth noting in this week's currently. But I've also been reading a lot of personal blogs to see how the writers develop their online writing voice and personality over time. So I guess that counts as reading, right?


The Crazy Ones. This is one of the shows I got buried deep in my hard drive. I've always thought Robin Williams hit his peak in Patch Adams and everything he has done after is just over acted. But the first few episodes got me hooked, and this is my Do one activity you enjoy before going to bed thing this week.

E! Channel Total Divas

Total Divas. When I go home every night, I put on E! Channel and practically zone out on their entire programming list - Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Botched, and lately, Total Divas. I don't even watch wrestling but the girl drama in this reality show is the best. It's just the right amount of catty, and ridiculous, and backstabbing that I want in a show.

My favorites are the Bella Twins, Eva Marie, and Cameron (of The Funkydactyls) coz she's so fly!


The Happy Hipster Playlist on Spotify. Particularly Left Hand Free by alt-J, Digital Witness by St. Vincent, and Reflections by MisterWives aka the first three songs in the playlist. After that I just tune out after putting on the playlist while working.

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour

Also, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast! You guys, I'm obsessed! It's what I've been listening to when I drive to work every day. I find that I like listening to talk radio instead of music in the morning, and Pop Culture Happy Hour gives me enough information  for the day's lunch hour conversation.

These guys know their Pop Culture, and I like that their analyses are not derivatives of other people's opinion. I also appreciate that the hosts' interests are so varied -- from comic books, to books, to movies, to sports -- so they give different perspectives on a certain topic, but eventually connect to make an opinion about something in the end.

My favorite episode so far is the one where they talk about movie tropes they wish exist in popular culture. The one that really made me laugh is "That gay friend who is totally useless during makeover montages."

If you're into podcasts or pop culture or both, or if you just want to immerse yourself in popular culture but do not want to take part of it, OR if you want to listen in a conversation with your nerdy friends and then disconnect after an hour without feelings getting hurt, this is for you.


Finally catch a break.
For people to realize that their idealized self if not their actual self because at the end of the day, we can all do without the pretension.
Have a full day to just watch TV and nothing else.


maraisms on instagram tire vulcanizing shop
My Adult Problem today: waking up early on a Saturday to get my car tire vulcanized. Also classified under Single Girl Problems.

Having conversations with my college friends about our Adult Problems, of which mine is pictured above. I find myself reconnecting more and more with old friends and find comfort in how I can already go straight to being my worst without the judgement.

So enough about me.

So what did you do this week?

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