Monday, May 18, 2015

Currently Week 1: Pitch Perfect 2, Gone Girl, On Long-Term Friends & Going Back to Blogging

So, guys, I'm going to start blogging again. But unlike before when I didn't know what the hell I'm going to write about, I'm just going to talk about myself, my life, and not give a care about it anymore. I'm not going to care if people will read what I've written, or if I don't take great pictures, or if I'm not wearing enough makeup to be camera ready. I've left that part of my life when I transferred out of PR. I'm just going to write for me now.

I give mad props to Helga and Bea who made me realize that's it's OK to talk about me without the guilt. I particularly appreciated it when Bea wrote:

I always forget that sincerity can be a more powerful force than sarcasm or derision. Not that sincerity equates to positivity and eternal sunshine all the time – sincerity can be clumsy and mean and strange and horrible, but at the end of the day, sincerity is brave.
I'm going to be brave this time and, you know, try not to give a damn anymore.

And what better way to kick start a writing habit than do a weekly recap! I've been seeing a lot of The Sunday Currently's out there, but TBQH, I don't think I would go as far as sharing what I'm wearing and smelling at the moment. I'd like to treat my Currently's not as descriptions of what I'm doing right then and there, but more of a way to backtrack what I've done for the week. I've snooped around and I've found Life Documented Manila's version sits well with me.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This is the second book-made-movie book that I've read this year. Also the second book I've read this year. But it's only because I picked up The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and then abandoned it around 1/4 of the way. Also, I didn't count audiobooks I've heard like Yes Please by Amy Poehler and The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas, which I both finished, and Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris, which I also abandoned midway.

So back to the book. I'm kind of liking the movie more than the book, mostly because I've been reading at odd times - while waiting in line, while waiting for dinner, basically while waiting, and I haven't really sunk my teeth into it. I also came from Donna Tartt whose way with describing scenes is so intense and flowery, Gone Girl tends to sound like juvenile somehow.

But hey, I like mysteries, even if the mystery has already been spoiled and solved for me because I watched the movie. Therefore I am soldiering on with this!


I love you, guys. I wish my workmates are more like you. LOLz.
Parks and Recreation season 7: Huhuhuhu! The series ended beautifully and I could not ask for more. When I first started watching it, I thought Parks and Rec was just a lame duplicate of The Office, but it came out of its mocumentary shell and blossomed into one of the best shows on TV.

The Mindy Project season 3 aka their last season on network television. This again perpetuates my belief that the moment I start liking a television show, it gets canceled, or in this case, transferred to Hulu. The Mindy Project has been the only constant source of joy for me whenever I watch television so it pains to see the only female lead on TV that I can relate to go.

I also went to see Pitch Perfect 2 over the weekend, and as much as I agree when The New Yorker said the underdog feel is gone, there are definitely more laughs to go around this time. But is it too much to ask for better music from an a capella movie? It seems like they focused on the comedy and gave all the good singing parts to Das Sound Machine. But I went to see a movie not a concert, so that's that.

Listening To

Everything on my Currently Playlist on Spotify with emphasis on Steal My Girl by One Direction.

Wanting To

Basically just clear my head. My officemate S showed me a chart with the ages of when successful people had their turning points. Most of them have lived mediocre lives until they hit mostly their 30s. This got me thinking, and not that I am saying I'm living a mediocre life now, but have you ever had that feeling of wanting more?


For Coffee Lovers Only and Strawberry Blonde. #OurGangstaNameBelIke

That I got to spend time with my best friend Z before she flies off to Tokyo again :( You know, spending time with her made me realize that a girl in the city only needs one good friend to make it. When I moved in the city, my natural instinct was to go out and meet as many people as I can. But new friends, no matter how great the relationships are, do not have the years of solid foundation you get from people you've been friends for a long time. People who have seen you grow up know your worst and they have accepted it. They have your back. And in the simplest of terms, they get you.

So there goes my week -- a sampling of the sap to my unintelligible ramblings about television.

So what did you do last week?

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