Sunday, November 2, 2014

On Writing, Writer's Block, and Renewals

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And as much as I want to say "I've brung sexy back," there's really no coming back to speak of. And no sexy either. That is if you 73 bot readers are actual human beings who lurk around this space. Anyhoo, I have some catching up to do, with whom, I don't really know. With what, well, this blog.

Let's try something new-ish wherein I type the first thing that comes to mind and hit POST without really thinking what I put out onine.


I have come to terms that I really have nothing interesting to say (or share) and that I will never be a niche blogger. So what do I do with this place? I'll keep it around as an avenue to keep my own voice, in the most cliche meaning of that term possible. I write for a living (shocking as that may sound to you), and inasmuch as I churn out thousands and thousands of words everyday, I feel like what I produce really isn't my voice, not my own.

For my day job, I have to sound preppy, engaging, professional, and corporate when I write. For my part time jobs, I have to sound authoritative yet friendly, like I actually know what I am talking about (confession: sometimes I don't, but it's not something research couldn't make me feel that I am already the boss in what I am writing about). Sometimes when I go home, drained from all the writing (and copy writing) I did throughout the day, I don't even know how to write on my daily log (diary if you're sappy and sixteen; journal if you are a pretentious wannabe novelist). Do I write like I am reporting my day's events or do I make it sound as exciting as I can? Do I go all existentialist and ponder the meaning of my existence?

Because Google is my only friend, I found a tip somewhere that says writing shouldn't be difficult if you treat it more like a job, something you have to do, rather than an art form. If you treat writing like laying one stone at a time to build a whole wall, then that's how you overcome your Writer's Block (no pun intended). But how do you separate the trash from what's exactly fit to share?

** ** **

Today, my domain registration for got renewed. It says I can use my domain for a full year again. I asked myself, "a full year of what, exactly?" As you can actually see, I haven't written anything here (or went to yoga) since April. But maybe that's why renewals are made possible: so I can have another year to try.

So, what have you been up to lately?

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Mara Ruiz said...

Let's do yoga!! And welcome back.

I also dont know what to say. Hehe.

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks! Let's! Do you want to go to Bikram Yoga with me? I practice in Makati. I usually take the 8PM class but we can go home together. Mag pump ka na lang ng madaming milk for Lucas and let Paul do the cooking for dinner. Lol!

Mara Ruiz said...

I can never be a niche blogger, either! But I'm still keeping my New Age stints documented separately as much as I can.

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