Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Movie (not-so) Review - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It's been a while since I've seen a movie that compels me to write much less give my opinion about it in public. I've seen so many movies for the past years that watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier feels like I was just watching another token Marvel Movie. I wasn't expecting to get any feels given that the first Captain America made me fall asleep (sorry, Lyra!). But for some reason, Captain America: The Winter Solider hit a nerve I never thought was there.

Yeah, really.


The movie begins post Loki's attack on New York, like most Marvel stand alone movies took off - Thor 2: The Dark World and Iron Man 3. Of course, point of reference will always be Loki; Tom is our core.

Here we find Steve Rogers, 92 years old, a living fossil, no known relative alive, and half halfheartedly working for S.H.I.E.L.D. I mean, what else is left for him to do? Most, if not all, of his friends are dead, he's living in a confusing era of selfies and Miley Cyrus, and assuming the government cannot trust Tony Stark, who else could they control just right to uphold freedom for Great America? No one but the government's very own science project and namesake.

But wait, if Captain America's World War 2 era paranoia (which was of good use and intention as we later find out), isolation, and longing for his BFF is not enough, there's also the problem of dating. Plot twist (not really).

Admittedly, Captain America is not my favorite Avenger. Zhorai and I agreed that he's too much of a goody two shoes for our liking. We're Stark fans you see. But in a moment of introspection, right after the Smithsonian scene where Rogers was welcomed with bittersweet images of his glorious past and not-so-ideal homecoming, I realized "What would you feel if Fate decided to Rip Van Winkle your life?" I bet you'd feel pretty awful and become externally uptight yet internally bag of cats-y.

After being able to relate to Captain America better, I was ready to root for him. He is, in fact, the leader of the Avengers and the epitome of Truth, Honor, and Justice or whatever it is that's good in life. Also, biceps and hot abs.

For me, he's not just a brawny, uptight Capsicle, yawn fest anymore. After watching this movie, I actually saw Captain America in a more badass light. Blame it on my non-evolving Bad Boy Complex. After the elevator scene where he asks everyone "Before we start, does anyone want to get out now?" and everyone ends up smack on the floor, I was sold.

And in as much as Captain America and The Black Widow seemingly had nothing in common, aside from being officemates if they were in the usual corporate set-up, I love how this odd pairing worked albeit non-romantically. If anyone out there is shipping these two, I'd love to hear your motivation because seriously, I sensed more of a Harry/Hermione vibe than anything else.

Also, Confession Hour: Scarlet Johansson is my ultimate girl crush, so let's throw in some plus points for this movie because of that fact.

Another character that has my heart is the titular role himself - The Winter Soldier. He got the shorter end of the stick being a victim of circumstance. There's something about Marvel Villains that doesn't make them just the Bad Guys. Like how I feel for this other Marvel Bad Guy, I just want to hug The Winter Soldier, make him feel better, and tell him everything's going to be all right.

In the end we can talk about how The Winter Soldier might be the best stand alone Avengers movie, or the political drama, or the new characters that I did not discuss at all because this post is getting too long. But what I appreciate the most is how the characters developed from their previous introductions and even within the movie for the new ones.

It's been a while since a blockbuster movie, let alone a superhero one, resonated with me. In a world where things change so dramatically in an instant, I find myself relating to Captain America's issues like they were mine - Trust, Isolation, Friendship. And you know, sometimes, that's all the nerve that it needs to hit for me to change my opinion about heroes.

So, have you seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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