Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thank You and Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been taught to be always gracious with my Thank Yous, but Thank Yous usually lose its meaning when used and misused over time. I must admit, I have been giving my TYs sparingly lately. So let me break my Thank You Fast in the spirit of that Unknown Western Holiday that we from the Third World refer to as Thanksgiving.

1. Thank you, Tom Hiddleston, for ruining all the guys in the world for me. I've adored other celebrities before you, more intense and crazier in terms of Fangirl Meter Ratings, but you just take the cake. You're a Renaissance man, you're a humanitarian, you're an all-around nice guy. Every guy out there should be ashamed of you and be humbled by your glorious purpose to steal girls' hearts away.

2. It should go without saying, but thank you, Parents, for being the overall awesome people that you are. Thank you for giving me the values that I have right now. Humanity, aside from looking how far you've fallen, please do not judge my parents by the way I am. They have nothing to do with the bad bits that are me. But all the good parts - looks, smarts, compassion, creativity, not to mention my humility - it all came from them.

3. That being said, thank you again, Parents, for allowing me to travel to Japan! I was so surprised that it only took a text message from me for you to say yes. Thank you ten times over for allowing me to have that great experience of traveling to one of my dream destinations!

Meiji Temple Tokyo Japan
Pitfalls of traveling alone: selfie.

Hachiko Shibuya Tokyo Japan
Stayed mostly in Shibuya and every day, I walk to Hachiko's Shrine to take a photo.

Ginza Tokyo Japan
Ang ganda ng skin ko sa Tokyo!
4. Thank you, People of Japan, for taking care of your great country! It was a pleasure going around your extremely beautiful city of Tokyo. I will cherish the time I spent there and will be looking forward to more trips to your other cities!

5. Thank you, Sheng, for this wonderful birthday post! It just goes to show the depth of understanding and sincerity for the friendship that you graciously shared with me. I have been meaning to write you a letter, but my procrastination got the better of me. I am grateful to have found a friend in you. You are a true gem and a friend worth keeping. I will promise to write that letter to you come hell or high water.

6. Thank you, Kira, for going to class with me! If it weren't for you, I'd be my usual introvert self. Thank you for listening to my work rants. Thank you for always being a ball of sunshine. Thanks for all the beauty finds! Thanks for putting up with me and the company I work for even if we're terrible with deadlines. Thanks for introducing me to more people. Here's to more classes, collaborations, and projects!

7. Thank you, Zhorai, for coming back to the Philippines! I know it's not by choice, but I am thankful nonetheless that I do not need to travel thousands of miles to see you nor spend thousands of pesos to call you. You're one of the constant things in my life and you are the Ron Swanson to my Leslie Knope. Love ya, 5ever, you Grinch!

8. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing this Loki/Tom Madness (Is it madness? Is it?) with me. With a Pinterest Board to show for it! I still find it amusing that we have things like this in common. We've come a long way from thinking you are only friends with suppliers. Thank you for the friendship!

9. Thank you, Mars, Me-an, Kat, Sandra, Erica, and Ms. Mei for being really good friends! If my life is to be made out like Sex and The City Token Wholesome Girl TV Series, you ladies would make for the best ensemble cast! Thank you for making work more tolerable on days that it isn't.

10. Thank you, Kit, my estranged brother, for being the weird person but nice guy to animals that you are. Thank you for always bringing home McDonald's for Ella and me. Thank you for taking Charlie to the vet when I'm not around.

Can someone please turn this into an official Table_03 Christmas card?
11. Thank you, Lyra, for being my fangirl and pop culture resource, and fundraising ally. Thank you for sharing the vastness of your interest and your overflowing creativity with a Popster like me. Thank you for bouncing off fangirl giddiness with me. Thank you for introducing me to Fangirl! Thank you for being a friend I can share hobbies and fandoms with.

12. Thank you, Camille and Cassie, for staying alive. Be good.

13. Weird to be thanking a dog, but thank you, Charlie, for being my training wheels for when I get kids and for giving your unconditional love to our family! I promise to always finance your upbringing (girl, you better cut down on your dog food and milk consumption) and to find you a trainer.

Other things I am thankful for: good katsu, planning trips with friends, Pinterest, Buffer, Thought Catalog, 8Tracks, The Mindy Project, The Newsroom, Suits, nieces, a warm bowl of sinigang, running tracks at BGC, Urban Decay for producing eyeshadows that do not crease, eyeshadow primers, finding the right shade of foundation (very important!), nail spas, hairstylists that get you, coffee (always be thankful for coffee), TWG, the kindness of strangers, being polite, DLSU SPaCE for reminding me to never stop learning and for reminding me why I love being a Lasallian, DLSU Archers for giving us that much coveted win this year, that guard at work who greets me everytime I pass by the building parking (I don't even park there!), the parking guys near our office who give me a slot every day even if their lot requires a monthly reservation, The Internet, Whatsapp, The Lipayons, friends/coworkers who say "See you tomorrow" even if you know you'll most definitely see each other tomorrow (I just find it so silly yet so cute!), Twitter (had a rediscovery this year), Apple for creating iPhones and the iPad Mini, good movies, good food, good music.

I may not look like it, but I have been extremely blessed this year that it overwhelms me. Words fail to express how overflowing my gratitude is, so to everyone, the Man Upstairs, Thank You. Thank You.

Care to share your Thank You List? I'm sure you have one!

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