Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Year's #ReliefPH Underwear Drive Update and Round 2 of Stay Fresh Underwear Drive!

Dear Friends,

Last year, we asked you to open your big hearts and your deep pockets to donate to our underwear drive for the victims of the monsoon rains. To revisit, my and Sheng's goal was to buy 1,000 underwear from the company we work for. Our global office actually approved and agreed to donate the 1,000 pieces of underwear for free instead of us buying the items using the funds we raised, giving us P10,000 more to work with. But as stock situations go, it didn't pan out. Weeks looking for stocks to donate turned into months.

Forgive us for holding on to P10,000 that were meant for the victims of the monsoon rain victims because we actually thought we have 1,000 knickers to readily give.

I don't want to call what happened a case of happenstance, because we reallocated funds that were intended for a different group of people. Given the immediacy of need for relief for Yolanda victims, Sheng and I decided in good faith to reallocate the money to Typhoon Yolanda victims. For the interest of transparency, I am disclosing this information to everyone.

Last week, I gave the P5,000 to my friend Lyra, who then turned it over to her friend, Pam, who then donated it to Rock Ed Radio. Here's Pam's email that Lyra shared with me:

Hello Lyra
Thank you so much for donating to the underwear drive.
I went to Divisoria today with two friends, Smile and Pao, who also raised funds for the typhoon victims. We bought 298 dozen panties (and 500 bras).
Collectively, we've managed to purchase a total of 4,356 panties and briefs for Yolanda survivors so far. And we're still getting pledges.
Everything is now safe at Route 196, the drop-off point of Rock Ed Philippines' New Underwear Drive.
I'm attaching photos to this message - a collage of our Divi trip and the delivered goods.
Thank you again.
God bless you and your big hearts

As promised, we donated half to UNICEF.

NOTE: Sheng asked another friend of ours, Maylene, to transact using her credit card.

Thank you to these kind people who gave money from their own pockets to help us with the drive.

Sheng's friends
  • Febz
  • Jett
  • Dodong
  • Vel
  • April
  • Jacob
  • Zarah Ricafort
  • Mon
  • Supply Chain Department
  • Me-an Domingo
My friends
  • Lyra Vega-Pandy
  • Mark Pandy
  • Patricia Vega
  • Merf Laguimin

In case I missed anyone's name, let me know so I can add you to the list. Because of your awesome generosity, our friends can now Stay Fresh!

Help us help more friends Stay Fresh!

Again, Sheng, Lyra, and I are knocking on your literal/virtual door to support Round 2 of our Stay Fresh Underwear drive. This time, we have no affiliation with any organization. We're just doing this as Sheng, Lyra, and Mara - decent people.

Here are our action plans and more information on how you can donate:

How to donate in cash via bank deposit

Email Lyra (her email is in the poster) so she can give you her personal bank account. We will give an email or SMS acknowledgement of the amount we received.

How to donate in kind
Again, email Sheng, Lyra, or me so we can meet up, collect your donations, and get to know each other.

How are we going to get the items to the victims and to whom are we going to give the items/money?
Donations in kind will be donated on a weekly basis, depending on volume. Sheng and I are also constantly on the look out for legitimate groups/individuals who make trips to Visayas; we'll turn over whatever we collect to these groups as soon as we can.

The Philippine Red Cross is also one of our options for beneficiaries.

Donations in cash will be collected by Lyra until November 30. We will then use the money raised to buy items for hygiene packs. As best practice, we are modifying World Vision Philippines' hygiene kit and focusing on women and children.

What's inside a Stay Fresh hygiene kit?
  • 1 pack or 10 pieces of diapers
  • 5 women's underwear
  • 2 packs or 16 pieces of sanitary napkins
  • 2 pieces of soap
  • 2 toothbrushes
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
Also for the interest of transparency

Here's a breakdown of what we have on-hand so far. Pledges are not counted unless collected.

NOTE: Starting November 19, because of my and Sheng's affiliation with a certain company, we cannot accept cash but we will connect you to Lyra who will handle all cash donations.

Thank you in advance, dear friends, for your generosity!

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