Friday, November 22, 2013


The phrase "Hair grows!" does not mean anything to me. I know it grows, but to me, my hair is more than just dead cells atop my head. To me, my hair is a social and psychological extension of myself. I used it to ease my way into social circles when I was new in my job 3 years ago (unsurprisingly did not work; I'm employed in a beauty company anyway). My hair, I believe, is also what made me Grumpy Cat in 2009.

So for me, it's not just hair. IT IS HAIR.

That being said, it should follow that my next drastic hairstyle change would take a lot of consideration. For the past 3 years, the same time I've been living in the city, I only have two hair cuts a year. Only for the sole reason that my hair has been in this constant layered look that only this one hairdresser can do. Why change what works, right?

But I need change. I want change. Also, looking at a mirror and saying "God, I hate my hair," one too many times is getting frustrating. It has been a frustrating month, my friends, and for the past weeks, I have resolved to stop waiting for things to happen, even if it just means changing my hair.

Sorry if you came here to look for hair inspirations. I actually already have a shortlist. I'm a woman of action you see, and dreaming out loud in my blog is so not my thing anymore. Here's my Hairspiration Pinterest board if you're interested.

In true (500) Days of Summer fashion, this is what I aspire to will make my hair be in the next few weeks:


A hair style which my friend Dawn said wouldn't work on Asians.


Curly hairstyle that could work on me, an Asian.


Curly hair back in 2005 care of good old chemicals without digital perming. Look at all that fried hair!


My feelings about my hair, every day.

So I hope you wish me luck and virtually hold my hand as I embark in this next hair-raising experience (see what I did there?). And please do not say "It's just hair" or  I'm not overly fond of what follows... and so shall you.

(Sorry, too much #LokiQuotesinUsualConversation. Need more hair.)

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