Friday, April 12, 2013

March Madness

Dear March,

Why do you always have to do this to me?

I wish I could say "We should stop meeting like this, March" but it's always the same thing: Me, starting the year optimistic, with a will to write. You, hanging around the Quarter's corner ready to throw me a "You'll never make it." But I am wiser this year, March. For very week missed, I throw a couple hundreds into a jar. Even if I find myself throwing in a few hundreds for the past few weeks, maybe I'll get a shopping spree by the end of the year. Win-Win.

Not going to throw away my post its to document all the things I've done for the year. #challengeaccepted

You were never easy, March, and I should already expect that from you. Last year you got me running around like a headless chicken. This year, you had me do the same. But do you really have to throw me off with a Mercury Retrograde, sending mixed signals, getting people and me overreacting? I really could've done without it, but thanks. Thanks a lot for picking me.

You gave me the Highs but you were fast enough to pull me down to my Lows. The Highs were great, March. I took a few calculated steps. Not just one, but a lot. Fortune favors the brave, they say, and I think my luck is looking up.

Bye, Pig Dog. We'll miss you. #petstagram

Also, do you really have to take my dog? She has her weight issues, and she's a bit temperamental, but still, she's a good dog.

Despite it all, March, I forgive you. You brought back my best friend, my constant concert companion, my personal cheerleader, and my on-call driver. I couldn't and wouldn't complain.

Don't get me wrong. I did not entirely hate you, March. On some days, you're OK. You got me running around the city again with another Barrio Girl, this time admiring Filipino History imagined through art. Call it my lack of Filipino Pride, but this activity ignited whatever ember of pride that's left in me.

"If this world is the world of the past, I will paint it like it belongs to the future" - Francis "Botong" Francisco

Just so you know, March, this is my favorite piece. Just look at that donya being carried around like a bawz! Also, March, in case you want to make it up to me, this is how I want to roll after my retirement.

Pilgrimage to Antipolo

You must've also taken a toll on me, March, because look! Look what you've done to my eating habits! You got me eating out more often than usual and exercising less (which you know is just an excuse for me to go out with friends). I wish there's more to say about you, March, but I'm just really, really, REALLY, glad you're done and thank God you didn't drive me mad.


Au revior, Sayonara, Auf Wiedersehen, and good riddance!

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