Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Maraisms Answers Binibining Pilipinas GOLD Top 15 Questions - Internet Meme Style!

I have a confession to make: I caught the Binibining Pilipinas Gold 2013 Bug.

You wouldn't be able to help it if the company you work for is the official beauty partner of this year's pageant. It practically felt like I was friends with all the 50 Binibinis, editing their photos and all for a poll I ran for Bb. Avon. Close lang ba. (I am happy to report that Bb. Avon, Bea Rose Santiago, won the title Binibining Pilipinas - International).

Everyone had their favorite part of the night. I for one literally had goosebumps when Martin Nievera said  "Philippines, behold your Queens!" during the parade of all the Binibini Queens. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a monarchy of Beauty QUEENS in the Philippines?

Among the queens, my personal favorites are Alice Dixon, our Anew Genics endorser, because I was with her in a shoot once and she really Does.Not.Age. Also Janine Tugonon, Avon's  newest Fragrance and Makeup endorser because she was so candid and so warm when she went to visit us in the office for Valentine's. And, oh, Lia Ramos because she answered all my kulit emails for Glamourbox :)

Another favorite for me is the Question and Answer portion. The questions are pretty interesting this year, I might say, but the answers more so! And because I have a penchant for answering those chain Q&As that went around in the 90s, here's my own take on the Binibining Pilipinas Gold Top 15 Questions Internet Meme Style!

Best in Long Gown #latergram #thegap #dressingroom

The Beatles believed that all you need is love. Agree or disagree? Why?
To quote Mr. Mayer: "All you need is love is a lie" coz we had love but we still said goodbye. Now we're tired broken fighters.

What would be your advocacy?
The manners re-education of the Filipinos. My top 3s: Keep Right. Line Up. Don't Spit.

What lesson in life can women teach men?
Unless you've carried the weight of a melon for nine months, use contraceptives.

In this age, everything is made public. What should be made private and why?
Your waist line. Probably your age as well.

President Obama mentions a Filipino nurse in his State of the Union Address. What traits make Filipinos stand out in the world?
Emotions are best conveyed with eyebrows.

Can someone be a good Catholic if they believe in the RH bill?
I demand my government to let me practice my religion in peace, so I'd expect the same thing from my church.

What can be your greatest contribution to your local community?
That I pay my taxes.

If you had the opportunity to speak to the new pope, what would you tell him?
How's the pasta here? Any good?

The ideal Filipino is?
One who pays his/her taxes.

Personal quality most people remember about you?
I'm a hoarder with a heart of gold.

Which country aside from the Philippines fascinates you and why?
Japan! Japan! Sagot sa kahirapan! But seriously, it's been in my grandfather's bucket list before he died, and I am determined to fulfill it for him.

Are the best things in life really free?
Yes. Like air.

If you were to break one habit what would it be and why?
Eating junk food because its not healthy. - What she said.

What do you think is the greatest achievement of Bb Pilipinas?
Alice Dixon.

What would you tell a child who is being bullied in school?
Learn martial arts.

And there you go! I hope you don't take everything seriously. Or you can. Whateves. All in the name of fun. Mabuhay!

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