Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Schmalentines: So What About Valentine's Day?

Someone just got proposed to yesterday while we were having dinner. Two guys started dancing in front of a girl and we couldn't figure out who was the soon-to-be-ex-BF. Turned out it was neither! The guy hired dancers to "flash mob" his girlfriend :)

I cannot remember Valentine's being celebrated so grandly in the Philippines except when I was still in La Salle. In college, the University chorale and orchestra would lend their services to lovestruck co-eds and serenade girls (and sometimes guys!) in between classes.

After I joined the rat race, the Valentine ambiance seemed to die down together with my will to date the hustle and bustle of the city. Rihanna says she found love in a hopeless place, but I never had to find far to find love. I just have to look around me. Naks!

So how was my Valentine's Day?


Sure, sure. Bitter singles (or overly mushy couples, whichever spectrum you would fall under) would say that Valentine's is just Thursday for them. But for me, it doesn't mean I shouldn't treat myself to something tall, hot, and rich ;) My first order of business for Valentine's was to #treatyoself. Hence, the venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Started the day right and it eventually became better for me from there.


I have been so used to my throw bag-sit down-open PC-make my day's to-do list routine that I almost missed out on a miniature Bucket of Love atop my desk that morning. It did not come signed, but I knew it was someone who has a penchant for minis and has kick-ass I-draw-Hogwarts-Crests-in-20 minutes-or less chops. Who else but our Communications Coordinator Dawn Niekamp!

Best part? She drew personalized icons that best represent us for our cards! I got a Twitter bird!

And of course, the coffee addict must get a Starbucks cup.

The rest of the day unfolded into a slew of gifts, songs, and dinner for me.

janine tugonon paolo santos bob briddon avon philippines cupcakes

We took a sweet break from work to be serenaded by Paolo Santos, be introduced to our newest Beauty Endorser, Ms. Universe First Runner-Up and Bb. Pilipinas Universe herself Janine Tugonon, and be given red velvet cupcakes!

Yes, that's also Paolo Santos. To be quite honest, I never really liked him when he first came out of the music scene. But to his defense, like any good acoustic performers, he's better heard live. He opened with Get Here, then sang his famous cover of Moonlight Over Paris (I must admit, it brought me back to college and the crushes and the silly landians!), then a medley of Martin Nievera songs (I think), and ended strong with Gary V.'s Di Bale na Lang. Sheng and I couldn't help ourselves but sing along! It's Valentine's anyway, so we're allowed to be mushy and a little bit nutty.

As encore, he had a duet of Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang with one of our Associates. Sobrang benta!

kanin club totally kissable lipstick crispy dinuguan

After work, it was dinner with these two lovely ladies at Kanin Club. Hey, if you can't find someone to love, then love yourself first, right? ;)

Just when I thought VDay's over, Sheng gave our lunch group some personalized chocolates - personalized with her own quote that is! But kidding aside, I appreciate Sheng's bar of wisdom. Being single myself, I think it rings true that love will happen. See? I am not that cynical after all!

personalized chocolate keep calm and love will find you air mail paris souvenir

Valentine's doesn't need to be a day you flaunt your relationships (much to the dismay of your single friends) or defend your Singleness (much to the condescension of your couple friends).

If you say it's a Hallmark-manufactured celebration, then create excuses to celebrate! Get yourself a cup of coffee, buy yourself that bag you've been eying, make an effort to give cheesy gifts this February to get away from not giving any last Christmas, kiss your parents and say "I love you" without cringing, ask that guy you always ride the MRT wih at 7:30 AM the time - the possibilities are endless!

So how was your Valentine's?

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