Saturday, February 2, 2013

Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

525,000 Moments So Dear...

Pardon me if I have to quote Rent yet again, but nothing sums up a year ender best than Rent's Seasons of Love. Although quite frankly, I cannot say my 2012 was a Season of Love. Aptly, it was a Season of Yearning for More. Whatever more I could do with my life, I wanted it - travel, grow, and, even unfortunately, spend.

If 2009 was my Year of Great Lull, 2010 was my Year of Great Push, 2011 was my Year of Running Around Breathless and Dizzy and All at the Same Time Ecstatic, 2012 is hereby dubbed thee as my Year of More Please, Thank You.

I wanted more because the end of 2011 promised me more: I had a great trip slated for March but due to some circumstances, it had to be cancelled. In a way, I think that trip burdened me to overcompensate. I traveled more, although locally. I shopped and dined more, to my bank account's remorse. I reassessed my life choices more, something I have to carry on to 2013.

So what about 2012?

The Highs:  

I traveled more with my family.

In an introspective moment in 2012, I realized how I almost never traveled with my family anymore. Since 2008, it was all about myself trying to conquer the world one country at a time. Traveling alone can be lonely, and these times of traipsing the world alone, you appreciate the company of someone familiar.

Living in the city, I spend approximately 105 days of the 365 in a year with my family. Not a lot, especially now that time is catching up on us. So in 2012, I made a resolution to travel more with my family.

Be it in our expansive backyard, or weekends in Tags, 

Not us.

or my mother's bucket list destination, Corregidor,

to our long overdue beach trip to Boracay,

I cherish it all.

My family is not too big on new experiences, being Creatures of Habit that they are. But that doesn't mean I should tire of creating new experiences, great ones, for them. I come to appreciate the family vacations that we have, even if they are not the wine and dine and art types, because it gives character to our bunch. It's a different pleasure when you start your stories with "I remember when my family and I trekked 5 kilometers just to see a mountain-side waterfall" (true story, BTW) and have friends say "Really? Your family did that?"

I did not need to go far to get more 

Paris and New York can wait.
Beggars The Financially Challenged make do with what they have.

 I go to see my FAVORITEST Musical.

And was near tears in the presence of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone.

Both of which I need not go far to experience. And for that, I thank 2012 for accommodating friends.

I'd like to believe I've mellowed as an individual

But my goals have intensified. What seemed to be vague goals are now shaping up. This 2013, I want to start investing more intently on these goals with nothing but laser-like focus.

The Lows:

As I've said, I overcompensated a lot in 2012, and the casualty was my poor depleting savings. To illustrate, here are the things I wish I did not spend so much on last 2012:

Nail treatments.
This year, I resolve to keep it on a once-a-month schedule.

A tea fascination.
I don't even know why. Also, a designer coffee habit.

A goal to create a classic style.
A Catch 22. Some of the good things are pricey, but if the cost per wear is worth it, then I have no regrets.

In retrospect

2012 is a good year, that I will not deny. I am a calculated optimist, so even if I want to see the glass half full, there's a part of me that still think 2012 could have given me more. But I did have more, and I continue to have more. It's high time I stop and learn how to count what I have and be thankful for them.

2012 already answered my call to have "More, please." Now, it's my turn to say "Thank you."

So, how was your 2012?

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Lyra Vega-Pandy said...

My family and I also trekked to see a waterfall, only to discover that it dries up during the summer. LOL!

2012 was a good year for you. Hope 2013 is even better :)

Mara said...

We went to see the waterfall in DECEMBER! So it was soo cold, we couldn't even enjoy the water. Fail!

Yeah, 2012 was a good year for me; I realized that after this entry :)

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