Thursday, December 20, 2012

"I'm So Glad I Live in a World Where There are Octobers"

Some people say January is the Monday of the year. Well, for me, November was my Thursday, that day when my car is not allowed to traverse Metro Manila just because it ends in a particular number. So I end up sluggish, and lazy, and bargaining with myself whether I should hit the snooze button for 2 more hours of sleep or just suck it up and take a cold shower in 10 minutes and drive to Makati in 10 minutes or less before the clock strikes 7AM.

Instead of a MOVEmber, I ended up with a Naaahvember, a month where I had nothing to look forward to and nothing to feel accomplished about.

That's why I look back fondly to October. October used to bring me down like Valium to Dr. House. In October 2010, my best friend moved to Singapore. In 2011, I was a walking PMS the whole month for reasons that evade me. But for 2012, October made it up to me -- it gave me a wedding, a successful fundraising event, and Halloween!

Quite a sweet comeback, October!


I never really like attending most weddings because I've been forced to attend A LOT against my will (TRUE STORY!).  But Sheng's wedding got me excited because there was a mini getaway tucked in between my wedding attendance. PLUS! It was also my first time to touchdown Davao AND Mindanao. Can you believe how much of a stranger I've been to my own country?

I have no better words to articulate Sheng and Tyrone's wedding aside from the fact that it really was an elegant, quaint, endearing, and charming celebration of their relationship. A true testament of how moved I was? I cried. This has never happened!

Sheng and Tyrone did not parade their cheesiness or how in love they are, but they made us witnesses and cheerleaders to their marriage.Hindi pwedeng a-attend ka lang para sa buffet!

Of course, it didn't hurt that the food is superb!

Left: The Davaoneo - penne pasta with dried tomatoes and spicy sardines. I wish all men are like The Davaoeneo: sweet and hot and always filling. Right: Instagramming my meal! I wanted to go back for seconds, but I was the only one who wanted to. *sad face* Seems like everyone was on a perpetual diet!

Syempre kasi may beach outing the day after!

I also have faint memories of tumbling inside a giant hamster ball, but as they say: "Pics or not true!" So let me just help the Department of Tourism's #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Campaign. You know it really is!

Samal Island. See that stretch of land across? That's where our resort and the city was. But look at how clean and blue and clear the water is!

Avon Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC): Let's Walk the Talk Events

As if my October is not full enough, it is also the month of our biggest fundraising event of the year - Avon Philippines' crusade against Breast Cancer, Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC). Every October, Avon Philippines hosts walk and run events to help spread breast cancer awareness to attendees. Proceeds from the run registration and the walk t-shirts go to the Avon Breast Cancer Center at the Philippine General Hospital where we offer free breast exams to all our Avon Ladies and to all those in need.

Ever since I joined Avon, I always make it a point to have my family there not just to support the cause but to support my mother. In 2010, my mother had a breast cancer scare that really shook me to the core. I am so happy she's out of harm's way now and  that I work for a company that supports a cause that hits close to home.

I was really glad that my family came in full force - and in PINK! - to support our fundraising event. It makes all the not-so long nights and the not-so many BVs worth it. This is for you, Ma!

This year, I also enlisted my friends to join the run! Here's Cassie Humabol Lang Sa Run But Finished De Leos, and sisters Lyra and Patricia Vega who are running for their yaya who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Love you, guys! Mwahugz.


I have never celebrated Halloween at work so to say that I was excited to celebrate it at Avon is an under statement! To say the least, Dawn, our Communications Coordinator, and I went crazy with the decorations. And if it's Hogwarts inspired, you know who had a hand in the decorating decisions.

I was dressed up as the Quidditch Captain's girlfriend - my Hogwarts uniform inside, sports jacket for bragging rights. Dawn really wanted to be Holly Golightly, so she went as a Muggle.

Top left: Dawn hand painted that Hogwarts Crest to go with our...Bottom left: Improvised Hogwarts towers using leftover product boxes! Top right: Team Gryffindor forever! You? Bottom right: Lighting up our Halloween candles at home.

I still have so much to share about October but this entry has been a long time coming. Anong petsa na diba? So, let me just leave on a high note and look forward to another month of recap. So far, December has been awesome and I plan to keep it that way ;)

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