Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear 28-Year-Old Self


I would like to apologize, 28-Year-Old Self, for your abrupt coming into this world. Your 27-Year-Old Predecessor was busy working and to be quite honest, your arrival seemed like a blur. But rest assured you are not forgotten, 28-Year-Old Self. You may have forgotten to celebrate your birthday, but people around you made sure you are remembered.

You weren't around those times yet, 28-Year-Old Self, but We seem to have a knack for having uneventful birthdays, save for some series of unfortunate events that seem to happen right after you were born. Did you know that there was a massive earthquake 10 days before you came out to world? Now that's what I call a welcome party. How about the Storm of Doom called Ondoy a week after in 2010? Hey, do you remember that one time, at Band Camp, when your father got a locked jaw after yawning too much on your 10th birthday? But I digress.

Today you are you. There is no one alive that is you-er than you .

Here are a few things to remember from this year's birthday, 28-Year-Old-Self. Aside from you being 4EVERAwesome, that is.

Oh, #OldPeopleDoingTechnology. Sometimes they frustrate you, but if they're the old people you love, it's cute.

1. Remember this year's birthday as the day your parents, yes, BOTH of them, texted you a "Happy Birthday" even if you were all under the same roof. You were sleeping then, and these were the first two messages that woke you up.

Two things that make this awesome: First, that your parents are still around to text you. Second, that your parents still allow you to live with them even at this age. Sure, there might be some egging to already bear them a grandchild (even without the pretense of a husband. They love you that much, they're not even too selective of the ways and means of how you give them an heir), but it is all with the intention that they just want someone to receive their overflowing love for you.

2. Your birthday trended.

3. This is the first time you actually could not keep up with birthday greetings #LikeAnItGirl! You never really cared much about birthday greetings from acquaintances, but the overwhelming well wishes are just too heartwarming to ignore. So, thank you for the constant Facebook notifications, Acquaintances. Here's to my 28-Year-Old Self forgetting all your birthdays all the same.

4. Your 9-year-old niece gave you a card. And she wrote like a 5-year-old kid. Let's do something about that. 

5. Your brother bought you a cake. And that's saying a lot because, come on, this is your penny-pinching brother who bought you a cake! What did you ever give him for his birthday? A digital camera. He admitted to eating crumbs for meals after buying this cake, so look at your life, look at your choices, 28-Year-Old Self!

6. And no matter how disillusioned you may become, always have cake.

"Because cake happens on birthdays and Christmas, on the days that we highlight in our calendars as special. But life happens every day and even the days that seem pointless are worth toasting to


May you be an unstoppable force of hope. May you be a catalyst that inspires the world forward. May you be led by deep passion and great courage. May you be generous to people – whether it’s with your time or with you heart. May you find it in your soul to surprise yourself.
And when your birthday comes along and you’re faced with a candle on a cake, may your heart rest easy in the thought that it is loved. And may this love lead it to surrender a wish and, instead, whisper a prayer. “Thank you. I have more than enough.”

You guys! This girl should have a book deal!

Again, welcome, 28-Year-Old Self! Welcome to a period in Mara's Life where she is chartering new grounds, learning how to be a Bossy Pants, and constantly making new life goals after ticking one after the next #LikeMirandaPriestly.

Teynks, Lyra, for my cute birthday caricature!
Guise, Lyra is an up-and-coming #trending kid's party stylist. HIRE HER.
Also, Arcade Hero Creatives, her husband.  They're awesome.  
They made this sweet poster for #ToastyUndies4ReliefPH.

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