Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tweet Treats from @AvonPH: Makeup Freebies at your Fingertips!

It's amazing how social media exploded and changed our lives forever. I know, it changed mine and it continues to do so - the recent one raising over PHP 17,000 and getting 1,000 Toasty Undies Donated because of a Twitter brigade Sheng and I initiated (will post updates soon!).

I get giddy whenever companies decide to go digital, including Avon Philippines on Facebook (we're gonna own it!), and as a special breaking out "O hai! We're on Twitter!"promo, Avon Philippines is giving tweets for treats this September!

How you may ask?

How to get the #AvonUCRBrillianceTweet Treats in 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Wait for tweet treats from Avon Philippines' official Twitter Account (@AvonPH) and their Beauty Ambassadors - Anne Curtis, Shamcey Supsup, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Angel Locsin, and Sarah Lahbati.

HINT: Anne and Shamcey already tweeted ;)

STEP 2: Bring a printout of those tweets (one will do!) or show your mobile phone with the tweet treat at Avon Branches nationwide.

STEP 3: Get a  free beauty product (fragrance or makeup worth P199) when you purchase Anne and Shamcey's latest lipstick from Avon - the Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick for only P199!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-Avon Ladies enter the Avon branches?
Of course! Avon Ladies and branch staff will welcome you with open arms. Just show them the tweet treats!

Can I give the printout to my Avon Lady and let her claim the freebie for me?
Definitely! Just tell her you want to avail of the Avon UCR Brilliance Tweet Treat and give her a printout of the official tweets!

Can I get as many lipsticks as I want?
Why not? You or your Avon Lady can go to the Avon branch everyday until September 29 and avail of the promo. Just remember: Show the tweet, buy the UCR Brilliance for P199, get the freebie (fragrance or makeup items valued at P199!)  

Can I show retweets (RTs) from other Twitter users?
As much as Avon appreciates RTs and mentions (WE LOVE THEM! I should know c: ), to manage claiming of tweet treats, you should bring printouts or show tweet treats from @AvonPH or the Beauty Endorsers.

What if I don't have a Twitter account?
No worries. @AvonPH's and our Beauty Ambassadors' tweets are free for all! You don't need a Twitter account to view them. BUT I recommend you get one now so you don't miss out on future tweet treats. Oh yes, there will be more ;)

What's the official hashtag?

 Don't forget to mention @AvonPH!

Easy, right? So, if I were you, I'd get those fingers clicking and those printers ready (if you don't have a smart phone).

Lezzgo, Lipstick Monsters!

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Full disclosure: I am an Avon Associate and I work for Avon Philippines.

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