Friday, August 10, 2012

#ToastyUndies4ReliefPH: Underwear Drive to Raise 1,000 Avon Underwear for SW Monsoon Victims!

Hola to our friends from Arcade Hero Creatives for this nifty poster! Please feel free to tweet, blog about, post on Facebook, or Instagram this DAWESOME poster!

Simply put: Sheng and I together with our friends from Avon Philippines are raising funds to buy quality Avon knickers (panties, drawers, bloomers, skivvies) for those displaced by the floods.

We donate the basics like food, water, and medicine, but we're taking our cue from Rock Ed and chose to donate underwear, make that QUALITY UNDERWEAR from the No. 1 Intimate Apparel Brand in the Philippines - Avon! Hygiene is also a necessity, and this is usually overlooked in evacuation centers. Hey, nobody donates underwear these days, expecially when you're giving used clothes, diba? So why scrimp on the skivvies?

We will be purchasing the undies at a special rate so whatever amount you share will go a looooooooong way!

Drop me a line if you want to pledge any amount!

Here are ways to donate:

1. Email me at / (will probably be the fastest way that I can respond)
2. Tweet me via Twitter @maraisms
3. Leave a comment on this post!
So I can get back to you with bank account details, drop by your cube (if you're an Associate!), or know where you live (if you're a relative or friend!)

As of August 10, we've raised about P9,000! All donations will be fully accounted for and *with fingers crossed* if our awesome company decides to donate the knickers, we'll allocate it to other goods!

So, what are you waiting for, guys? If you've ever had a bad night that you had to use Side A and Side B, I am sure you'll be compelled to donate! Go na!

As seen on GMA News Online.

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Ly said...

We're pledging! :)

chemerf said...

ola! I DM'ed you :)

Mara Ruiz said...

Ohio! I replied to your DM already ;)

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