Sunday, August 5, 2012

How I Wore My Avon Fashions Essential Cowl Neck Dress in Singapore

A lot has been said about the Little Black Dress or the LBD. Some say it's overrated; some say it's boring. Me, I'm an advocate. I have a handful of LBDs in different cuts for different purposes. Believe me when I say Trends Come and Go but Basics are Forever! and an LBD is one of those basics that your wardrobe should never go without.

So here's my latest LBD, the Avon Fashions Essential Cowl Neck Dress (P899), that our friends from the Avon Fashions Apparel gave for some of the Avon Associates to wear. I wasted no time in packing it for my trip to Singapore last July (more about the Great Singapore Sale 2012!).

Full disclosure: I am an Avon Associate and the item was given to me to wear.
You know when you travel you plan the clothes that you'll be bringing based on fashionability? I am so totally like that! Of course, purpose second. But we were going to Marina Bay Sands that day, one of the poshest shopping malls in Singapore, and we didn't want to look like dirtbags. LOL!


Even with an LBD, I wanted to look casual and not too dressed up. So I wore my Wayfarers, Melissa flats, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs shopper's bag. Useless fact: My MBMJ shopper's bag has done a pilgrimage! My friend bought it for me in Singapore and it made its way back for this trip. Wala Lungs.

Here's my fuma-fashion blogger pose. Actually, NO. Zhorai told me to stop posing like it was my day off and this was my best effort. Don't you just love it how an accessory can change the whole look of your outfit? Switched to my oversized MBMJ sunglasses here because the Wayfarers are too dark. Brume-Breakfast at Tiffany's lang ang peg dito.

And there you go! If you want your own Avon Fashions Essential Cowl Neck Dress check out the latest Trendy Multiples Brochure and let your Avon Lady know what you want! The brochure also has some essential fashion basics like white tees, convertible cardigans, and black foldable flats that you can wear and style any which way you want!

Next post, I'll show you how I rocked those purple jeggings! I know, I know. Jeggings and they're purple, but I might surprise you with how I wore it ;)

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Eunice said...

"Zhorai told me to stop posing like it was my day off"

Tawang tawa lang ako dito. HAHA!

Mara said...

Zhorai is mean to me like that. Masaya naman ang Day Off poses e!

haids from 11f said...

hi mara. i enjoyed reading your blog :)

Mara said...

Haidee! Thanks for dropping by :)

Jean Melgar said...

Ano ba ang day off pose? LOL

Mara said...

Stand stiff, head to the side, contrived smile. Haha. Feel ko lang. I dunno how Z defines day off pose.

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