Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's inside my bag

What's Inside My Bag posts are a dime a dozen nowadays, but admit it: There's a tiny bit of stalkers inside all of us that wants to know what's inside other people's bags. So, here I am to indulge your inner voyeurs.

What's inside anyone's bag reflects a lot of the person's personality - what her choices of products are, what she deems important to carry around, and I would even go as far as saying what her level of confidence is.
There's a part in the book Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes that hits close to home when it comes to internalizing what to put inside my bag (because as you can see, I DO NOT PACK LIGHT). Towards the end of the book,  heroin Clodagh took her credit cards and IDs and threw her bag, with her entire house inside, into the river. Her bag symbolizes all her neuroses and issues sinking down into the river - including her first aid kit that she used to always have ready for her mom.

I sooo want to do the same thing (sans throwing of bag into the river) and just carry MILK - money, IDs, lipstick, keys - inside my bag but the least I can do is take this matter online for you to help me decide. So, let's go.

What's Inside My Bag

1. A Planner.

Standard-issue Starbucks 2012 Planner that I got after guzzling my weight in coffee last December. Helpful for keeping tabs of appointments and to-do lists. In the digital age, I still find myself jotting down what I need to do on paper and having my digital devices remind me of them. You can't really set an alarm to paper reminders, so a planner works best in conjunction with all my gadgets/

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized shades.

For No Makeup Days, Too Hungover to Go To Work Days, My Allergies Made My Eyes Blow Up to the Size of Small Tomatoes Days, and The Sun Is Scorching But I Want To Have Lunch Outside So I Am Going to Wear My Glasses While I Eat Like A Douche Days.

3. Rayban Wayfarers.

Why I carry two types of shades around? This one has a darker tint and is the type of sunglasses that doesn't show your eyes. So same purpose as #2 and I Want To Feel Like A Celebrity Days. Best used when driving.

4. My Point and Shoot Camera.

Self explanatory.

5. Company ID and Money Envelope for Bills

6. Wet Tissues.

7. Avon Little Red Dress and Little Black Dress Purse Concentrate + Lipsticks + Holy Toilet Seat + Cleene Alcohol.

Instead of carrying atomizers that tends to spill, I carry Avon's Purse Concentrates. Basically they're perfumes in roll-oll-deo form. Neat and compact.

Everyone should have Holy Toilet Seat + Alcohol in their bags. Seriously. They're life savers.

8. Wallet.

9. A wristlet to put my money, iphone, and cellphone for coffee runs. PLUS because I am an old aging, woman, a pill box for my aching joints and allergies.

10. A hair clamp, keys, and my fave lip balm - EOS in Honey dew.

11. A bag of tricks!

Seriously, it's a bag where I keep random things like a USB stick, headphones, a rosary, spy camera, etc.

12. Clinique's Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer and a hand cream.

Because a girl can't have enough SPF and hand cream.

13. Goody Hairbrush

14. Makeup Bag

Which is a whole different bag on its own.

So there you go. Feel free to speculate what kind of psychosis lurks inside my bag.

What about you? What's inside YOUR bag?

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Jean Melgar said...

Oh wow ang dami! Isn't it heavy to carry around? 

Mara said...

It is! Although I do leave some things in the car when I go out. And my weekend bag is different from my weekday/work bag :)

Kira said...

My weekend and weekday contents are almost the same! My bag is so heavy! lol

Mara said...

Big Bag Person Five! I'm confident my mother carries the essentials whenever we go out on weekends so I just bring my wallet, keys, and phones. It gets heavier when you bring a car kasi you know you can always leave stuff behind :))

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