Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to travel with your jewelry in style: Avon Style Essentials

I'm alive!!! I may have missed last week with my one-blog-entry-a-week challenge, but I hope my epic Seven Churches Visitation Parts 1 and 2 entries will make up for it. Try nyo, guys! Madami akong nilagay na trivia.

Anyway, life and work life have been really exciting lately. Work had me involved in new and exciting product launches and a handful of programs for associates, customers, and Avon ladies happening in a few months, and for outside of work, I have trips planned - both with my friends and my family - making me closer to achieving my quarter goals. Yay! And of course, travel means packing light, which I must admit I am not very good at.

Good thing the company I work for understands that summer means travel and travel means keeping your things together as you jet set to your destination. Thank goodness that Avon came up with a line of travel items with the Avon Style Essentials line. Of course, being an Avon Associate, aside from getting first dibs on the best Avon products (watch out for my entry about our latest lipstick), I also get a generous employee discount. I just had take advantage of  this deal and I ended up ordering A LOT. Let me share one of my purchases.

Is it a pencil case? A brush set? Ano na!!!?

Wait for it!
(O hai there, foot!)

Avon Style Essentials Jewelry Roll (P199)
It holds watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and what have yous.
The best part? It rolls neatly into a small purse no bigger than a normal brush set roll.
Oh, need I mention that it's in hot pink with hot pink zebra accents?

Here's my favorite part of the Jewelry Roll - it has a leather strip with holes that can hold up to 12 sets of earrings. No more missing pieces and you get everything in place.

As you can see, my accessories collection is not as adventurous or as extravagant as others'. I like to keep it simple with a few accent pieces (cocktail rings) and some staple pieces (a simple silver necklace, some pearls, a casual watch). I see accessories as sort of fadish, so if it's not a something that I can wear everyday or a real gold or silver piece, then there's no use having it in my collection.

But if I had to go trendy (and you know a girl can't resist sometimes), there's always Avon! Good thing Avon offers both classic and up-to-trend accessories that you don't have overthink about; the accessories go almost with everything. Doesn't tarnish, too! We do offer a 6-month no-tarnish warranty, but the pieces I have with me are almost a year old now, and they still look good as new. To think I'm acidic pa ha!

Anyway, if you want the Jewelry Roll (if you travel a lot or if you just want to have your accessories organized like I do) then call your Avon Lady now!

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How about you? How do you keep your jewelry organized when traveling?

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Alex said...

Ngayon pa lang ako nakakita ng jewelry case na may earring holes, or whatever it's called! Ganda!

Anyway, i'm backreading your posts about that awesome wedding you attended. WOLOLONG, i'm getting ideas and all :)

Mara said...

Cool, right? Solves all my problems of traveling with my accessories.

Anyway, if you need help with styling your wedding, I can connect you to my friend Lyra and Mark. They really style weddings for a living :)

Body jewellery said...

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Jean said...

Uy I wanna buy one. I always end losing earrings and bracelets when I travel. Meron pa ba nito?

Mara said...

 Do you have an Avon Lady already? I can order one for you if you haven't yet :)

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