Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A year in makeup

Written last December 17, 2011. This blog entry was sitting in my Drafts folder for so long. Might as well publish it.

It's been a year since I declared this blog a Non-Makeup Blog, but lo and behold! Here I am, writing for a Beauty and Fashion Channel, working for a cosmetic company, and almost rambling about makeup whenever I can. It even surprises me how I have accomplished almost everything from my makeup wish list last year! I guess you can say I have committed to makeup and stuck with it all through out the year.

Ask anyone from my past--high school friends, college friends, and even my relatives--and they'll tell you they didn't expect me to be into the beauty and fashion field. I have always been the antithesis of beauty to the point that I refused to comb my hair more than X times per day (IKR!).

I must admit, my makeup obsession happened so sudden, friends were wondering where it came from. To be quite honest, I have always been a secret makeup fiend. Before all this, it just felt like I had to commit to makeup and skincare before I can fully delve into it, which I was too lazy for. I used to think that putting your face on in the morning takes too much of my time. But thanks to the internet and some of my favorite beauty blogs, finding out about the the right tools, the right skincare, and the right products that work for me came really easy. I may not be the most adventurous or the most polished when it comes to makeup application, but one thing I am proud of is that I know what works for my features. And for me, that is the most important thing when you start a beauty-related hobby.

But why makeup? I could be collecting stamps or Harry Potter-related paraphernalia for all you know. I chose makeup because as shallow as this may seem, makeup makes me feel beautiful. I may not be wearing a stellar outfit, but if people look at my face and see how well I have enhanced my features (and how good I look at close up shots!), then it makes all the difference. Face value lang yan, as they say.

Ultimately, makeup for me is not about concealing your flaws--it's enhancing your strengths. As beauty pageant-y as that may seem to some, that's really how I feel. I gained a few some a lot of weight since college, and clothes that look good on size 0 girls will not always look good on a size14. Honestly, I can't relate to the current fashion trends right now because of my weight gain, but I can always count on makeup to make me feel connected.

It took me a while to appreciate makeup and I wish I really started early. The skill and the know how could've saved me all those makeup mishaps during debuts, school programs, weddings, and interviews. If it were up to me, I will definitely recommend and encourage girls to at least have a bit of working knowledge about makeup, makeup application, and skincare.

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Jean Melgar said...

I agree with Kath and Alex. :) Add me to your list of readers. 

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