Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ides of March (Also, My 2012 Life Goals)

Last year, I made a few inane goals and started (and later abandoned) a 30-day blog challenge. I would've wanted to do the same and make a recap of my 2011 (which happened like a blur to be quite honest), but I just got lazy.

I really feel bad about not remembering much of 2011 because for the most part, it has been good to me. I started 2011 with such fear but in the end it turned out to be the year of the Great Sprint. From having the year of the Great Lull (2009) to the year of the Great Push (2010), 2011 got me running around breathless and dizzy and all at the same time ecstatic.

March will be gone and over, and just like that, the first quarter of 2012 is already done. I may be too late for a 2012 Resolutions List and year-end entry, but I think it's never too late establish my quarterly Life Goals. Hey, goals are meant to be reviewed and recalibrated, right? So here's what I resolve for 2012's second quarter.

1. Blog more often. I know, I know. How many times have I revived and resuscitated this blog only to die off a few times? But you see, I just took a break from one of my part-time writing jobs and my one-woman social media team has expanded! So I hope I can get more down time and actually get the time to write.

2. Know the reason why I want to blog. In case you haven't noticed, my blog is in transition yet again. Earlier in's lifetime, I was writing more personal and introspective stuff. Then I went makeup crazy. Then for some time, it was all about my life and times as a budget sea farer. Now it has gone full circle and I am back into writing about random events in my life again. I am still in the process of how I want to "brand" myself, but I will certainly not be a niche blogger. I still want to keep it personal and keep it about me. So I hope you stick around and help me discover my voice on the Internet.

3. Schedule, plan, and finally be able to go to an out-of-the-country trip with my family. I've been out and about with my friends for the past 3 years only to realize that I haven't travelled with my family since 2008! That has got to change soon. Was so close to booking a Hong Kong trip for June but the Ruiz-Castro Confederation's CEO (Pop) is still getting clearance from the CFO (Mama). Talks to go to Macau and Palawan are also still ongoing. Exciting!

4. Read at least one book per month. I've been trying since I can remember, and it's really difficult for me to find a book that I can really sink my teeth into. Ah, technology. What have you done to me? But I digress. This is still a goal I still see worth aiming for. Oh, in case you're wondering, I am two books behind schedule.

5. Get to watch 112 movies for 2012! Impossible? I think not! I am also going to push the envelope and make mini reviews on Tumblr like what I did for the first few months of 2011's Movie Challenge!

6. Finally finish writing about my trips and get on with life! I still have Hong Kong Disneyland to talk about and my Singapore, Take 3! Trip that I want to share with all of you, if you'll let me :)

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