Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Avon Philippines empowers women with International Women's Day 2012 celebrations

Avon Philippines made it a point to own International Women's Day (IWD 2012) this year. Being THE Company for Women, who better to honor THE celebration for women than us?

To be quite honest, I was really proud of how our team tied up the activities and how we got all aspects of IWD 2012 covered. We offered discounts to our millions of Avon Ladies nationwide (good job, Mars Limlengco!), we had fun IWD raffles in all branches (Holler to all out friends in Sales & Sales Support), and at the Head Office, we had special IWD 2012 booths on all the Avon floors of our building in Makati.

Our group was in charge of the Head Office activities, and modesty aside, I really love how each booth and each activity was coherent to the key message of what Avon is all about - EMPOWERMENT.

For 126 years, Avon has been empowering women all over the world through amazing earning opportunities, through causes that champion women's welfare, and through affordable yet quality beauty products. So to make our head office IWD 2012 event engaging yet relevant, I ran away with the EMPOWERMENT theme.

Empowerment through BEAUTY!
 A woman's inner beauty is best enhanced when there is passion to look your best. Empower yourself with Avon's best beauty products.

And how did we do it?

What's the use of a beauty company if there are no free beauty touch ups?
It's not everyday  that you get a free makeover, so this is really a treat for all our Associates (that's Avon's empowered employees for you!) Being in the beauty industry, blogging about it, one might think that it's just for vanity's sake. But if you really think about it, beauty empowers. Makeup empowers! As I've said, not all size 14 girls may look good in size 0 fashion, but makeup equalizes everyone. So to have this beauty station as part of our celebration is both symbolic (if you may allow it) and fun at the same time. Won't you agree?

Empowerment through SELF-EXPRESSION!
Who says beauty cannot last forever? Capture this beautiful moment with a free photo session and be empowered to express the real you.

May nangunguna! Well, Ching was the one in charge of all the merchandising materials (backdrop, tables, beauty stations), so hayaan na natin!
At the Photo Booth.

We were lucky enough to partner with the BEST consumer electronics company (IMHO) for this year's IWD 2012. Magtataka pa ba kayo if there's a VAIO laptop there? Sony Philippines was so kind enough to send their best VAIO laptops, Alpha DSLRs, and some other awesome stuff.

Really love this photo of one of Ces, one of our Associates from Operations. Truly captures one of the essences of being a woman, right?

Empowerment through FUN!
With all the roles you play, as a woman, you deserve to have fun! Unleash your passion for play and enjoy this day that celebrates YOU.

Sony Philippines also came with their Bravia Internet TVs to give our Associates a different web surfing experience. Of course Avon Philippines' Facebook page has to be front and center!

We also didn't forget about the boys. Sony Philippines also brought with them a set of PS3s with NBA games for them (sorry if I cannot completely elaborate. I'm a girl! What do you expect?).

My friends are such good actors.

Empowerment through SPEAKING OUT!
A strong woman is a woman who Speaks Out - about her beliefs, about her rights, about her opinions. Empower yourself to Speak Out as you learn the discipline of self-defense and share your accountability to raise awareness against domestic violence.

Of course, at the core of our IWD 2012 celebration is our cause to empower women to Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. To enlighten our Associates about our plight to eliminate gender-based violence, we set up a special booth where they can buy this year's fundraising item, the Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace. The necklace features the infinity symbol, which in Avon's Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign represents lives with unlimited potential when free from violence.With every necklace sold, P20 will go to our NGO partners who will accept calls from victims of domestic violence - both men and women. What's best is that it goes well with everything you wear, literally fashion with a cause, don't you think?

Wouldn't want to be that guy who got kicked in the groin. Haha!

We also gave our Associates a more active way of speaking out by inviting Krav Maga experts to give us some demonstrations.That's Bjorn (blonde dude) from Krav Maga Philippines showing the essence of Krav Maga - defend, counter attack, run away.

Bjorn also said that based from studies, those who resist violence recovers easily from those who do not. So if you get held up and you took the risk to defend yourself, at the event that you survive the attack, you are more likely to easily get over the trauma. Speaking Out pays off, but of course this is a case-to-case basis. This is the lesson that Krav Maga wants to teach - know how to defend yourself, counter attack (because what's the use of defending yourself if your assailant keeps attacking?), then flee - basically the fight or flight instinct that is innate in all of us. Pretty neat, huh?

Empowerment through HEALTH!
No beauty is wealth without health. As a woman, you put on different hats - as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife. With the different roles you play,  different people look up to you.
You are accountable for your body and your health. Empower yourself with good health with a free bone density scan and a free breast consultation, continuing Avon’s commitment to
Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer

Lastly, we empowered our Associates with health as we gave them free breast exams to show how we are In It to End It! Breast cancer, that is. Breast cancer is an issue close to women because most of this disease's victims are women (although men can also get it). We always try to give away free breast exams - our Avon Representatives can get one anytime at our Breast Cancer Center in PGH - because really, early detection is better than cure.

It was a day of empowerment, fun, and back-breaking effort if I must say so myself. But I came out of this event appreciating the company I work for - the company for women! - and the work we do for women. Can't wait to do this again next year!

How about you? How did you celebrate your womanhood for IWD 2012?

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