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#KumuCulturalInSingapore2011 Day 1: Disney's Lion King The Musical

My first, 70% of my second, and probably 100% of my third trip to Singapore are ALL ABOUT shopping. Sure, sure. Culturally uptight hipsters might think that I am such a product of consumerism to even fall to the trap of Singapore shopping. BUT I won't apologize for it. Still, it felt like I was missing out on some of sights and sounds of the city, so I decided to make part of my second Singapore trip into a cultural one.

My first time! Mark of a Singapore newbie: Forever 21 cardigan, Cotton On spaghetti straps top, Charles and Keith bag (ALL BOUGHT ON SALE), and a photo at the most touristy spot you can imagine (next to the Merlion, which I am puzzled to say that I haven't got a picture of yet).

And with this shopaholic, culture means watching a musical. Not even a local Chinese opera but a big Hollywood production. LOL. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps.

So on my first day, after an exhausting shopping trip (and missing my bus stop once!), my own   #KumuCulturalInSingapore2011 activity began. Here's how it happened, in the grand tradition of Twitter, 140 characters or less:

What am I talking about? Probably the most "cultural" thing I did while in Singapore was watch Disney's The Lion King Musical.

I really don't have pictures to show you aside from these


I was so totally there, you guys! They allowed cameras inside but trusted their good citizens to not record nor take pictures of the show. I wouldn't want to be the Bobong Turistang Pinoy that gets caught taking photos so this one was the only photographic evidence that I have.

Oh, and this Uma-Outfit Post photo. Yes, I am wearing the same orange cardigan AND I went with the theme of the musical: TRIBAL.

If you really want me to talk about the musical, well, it was an experience. It was a grand theatric experience of song, dance, acrobatics, puppetry, shadow puppetry, and machinery. YES! Machines!

 Kaya nyo yan?

 There was an interesting part of the musical where the passing of the seasons was shown by a man pushing a what seems like a wheelbarrow with different puppets hooked on it. As the wheels and the cogs of the wheelbarrow turned, so did the animals attached to it moved.

AND THAT  EPIC SUNRISE! I thought I've seen everything there is to see on theater when Himala the musical (yes, there was one in 2003!) made it rain inside CCP without getting the audience wet, but my God! When that huuuuuuge sun rose from stage of The Lion King Musical, I was almost in tears because of its pure awesomeness!

The actors who played Simba and Nala were great, but sorry na lang: Adult!Nala is way better thant Adult!Simba. Even Kid!Simba is better than his Future.

There were a lot of interesting characters, but I tip my hat for the costume designer for dressing up Zazu in a suit and a bowler hat combo. I had the movie's OST on casette and I remember seeing Rowan Atkinson's name on the credits, so this amused me a lot.

But my favorite has got to be Mufasa (left) for being so regal and menacing! The actor who played him kind of reminds me of Bernardo Bernardo. LOL.

Timon and Pumba gave the comic  relief, and their Hakuna Matata number is always a crowd pleaser. I appreciate how they used colloquial terms and local jokes to reel the crowd in. Also, Timon might look weird in an all-green costume, but, like all musicals, it's all part of the act.

Great musicals rarely get staged in the Philippines. And if they do, local theater companies botch it (Save for Avenue Q. BUT I have my evil eye on you, Spring Awakening!). So it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to see an award-winning show. Kids would love this show, not to mention the kids at heart. Being in that theater felt like I was 10 years old again, popcorn at hand, and excited to see a "cartoons" with my family.

All in all, day 1 of my #KumuCulturalInSingapore2011 was a Great Success! I still have Days 2 and 3 to write about, and I promise I won't post pictures of myself with the Merlion.

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 It was amazing I saw it yesterday night. The zebras where amazing and the costume was stunning! So real and imaginative!!!!

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