Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Vanity's Clinique Party Part 2!

You all know I work for THE Company for Women, but as much as Avon remains no. 1 in my heart, that doesn't mean I should close my doors to other beauty brands. Hey, a beauty fiend's gotta do what she has to do. That's why when Liz  invited readers for a part two of her now famous Clinique Party, I couldn't resist the temptation to say yes.

Ohmegee, girls, I am so bad at names. Us with Liz and Clinique's Brand Manager, Mira.
To the Clinique counter  I went that Saturday afternoon, playing with makeup, discussing skincare, and mingling with Project Vanity readers. I've always been curious of Clinique's skincare and beauty products, but I shy away because of the price (Majalia Fuentes). So to be given a chance to test drive their products was not just a nice treat but a good way to get to know the brand. As I always say: the difference between good makeup and fez is information. Really, guys. Try nyo.

I also finally had the chance to set the record straight: How do you pronounce Clinique? My friend, and Clinique Liquid Foundation user, Zhorai used to tell me it's cli-nich, with a French twang, because she overheard that it's a French brand. Mira finally cleared things up and said that Clinique is an American brand which is inspired by the boutique makeup stores in France called clinique d’esthetiques. So, if you check out the pictures from the launch, the beauty consultants are wearing lab coats! This is Science, you guys.

I went there with no makeup on just so the makeup artist can work on a blank slate.

Guests get to have a skin consultation and a beauty makeover. I am pretty impressed with the skincare line and the samples they gave me, so let's set that aside for another blog post of gushing. For the mean time, here's what Clinique's guest makeup artist Vannie came up for me.

Parang Phinoto-shop! Can you just see how flawless Clinique's foundation's finish is?

I am not particularly sure, but I think they used Perfectly  Real Foundation in either Sunny or Neutral. I was sooo ready to buy a tube right then and there but there was the concern of my skin being too acidic.

Mira said that if the shade turns a bit darker after a while, my skin's supposed to be acidic and it's okay to go one shade lighter. If not, then I should stick to the shade I have on.

I hope they kept a record of what they used on me because the liquid concealer is ACE, too!

Expert tip: My my neck's and my face's shade do not match, so what Vannie did is choose a foundation that's the same shade as my neck. With that trick, I don't have to apply foundation on my neck anymore.


Aaaand because I was just happy to be there, I did not ask about shades. It's a neutral palette of brown, pink, and shimmery pearl white, I think.

Expert tip: For my eye shape, Vannie told me that I should avoid putting eyeliner on my lower lash line. Instead, I should try white eyeliner.She also did a subtle wing for my upper lash line to open up my eyes.

For eyeshadow application, I think I am already on the right track and I know what I am doing because Vannie did the same "highlight the brow bone with a darker shade" technique that I've been trying to do.

Again, can't remember which lipstick line Vannie used but the shade's name is Bejeweled, topped with gloss. It looks brownish pink in this picture, but IRL it's a cherry-ish red that suites my yellow undertone. I think I found my perfect pink lipstick.

Expert tip: Vannie told me to smile whenever I apply lipstick so the color will go in between the lines of my lips. I do this with the "swipe your lipstick up and down instead of side to side" technique c/o Bianca Valero and I am set for life!

When I got home, I took a picture of myself again to check if the foundation oxidized or not. I really could not decide, but the Photoshop finish was still there and, to say the least, I still looked good ;)

With flash. Hafta ask for that blush's shade, too!
After walking around Makati on a humid weather.

I think we can all agree that "dewy" doesn't work for me. Also, in fairness, I was wearing Avon's Ultra Luxury Brow Liner in Dark Brown

I think I can try to duplicate the same dewy effect with a mattifying day cream +  mineral foundation.

Without flash.
All in all, it was a nice experience to get out there and explore other makeup brands (and not to mention meet other Project Vanity readers!). I'm a strong believer of paying for quality products if you can afford it. There's a reason why Clinique has a hefty price; obviously, the products speak for itself.

Let's all pester Liz for a part 3, yes? :)

Up next: Clinique's 3-step Skincare Regimen
Clinique Party photos from Kari and Lori.

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