Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh March, how did we end up like this?

March has worked my fingers to the bone, so much that I almost forgot I have a blog.

So salutations my 73 bot readers (74 if you count Z, my one true human subscriber). You all can now crunch your 1's and 0's and crawl my blog for whatever reasons you have for subscribing to this blog.

In the interest that you really care about what I did with my month, here's my life so far.

1. Been to 1 regional conference, had too many early mornings, had too little coffee, and just the right late nights to keep me interested in participating in events. Maybe. Organizing events is a skill and a passion, not one that I think I have right now, but it's a learning experience.

2. Successfully orchestrated an engagement party and I might be slowly Friend of the Bride and Groom-zilla-ing my way into this wedding. I also came to a conclusion that I will only organize events for A) causes that I am passionate for and B) people who I love.

3. I realized that I have no Pinoy Pride (italics necessary as I don't think this exists) in my body at all. I only live as a Filipino. How can you have personal pride for a nation that considers sports as a source of national pride? With that being said, I still have hope for the Failippines.

4. My name is Mara, and I live on the 19th floor, and on the metro's largest fault line. I may have to prepare an earthquake emergency kit.

5. Had come to terms that my condo's developer, DMCI Homes aka You Dickheads, has no sense of customer service whatsover. I would like to lash out on them here and tell them that not all of us are Maggie Wilsonses who can roll around half naked while having people do their bidding for them, but why bother? Sending them e-mails, calling them, verbally abusing them, comment bombing their Facebook Wall did not work, so why should a blog entry?

As a form of public service, I will just send out this warning to the world: their after sales service is crap. I have friends, also DMCI Homes property owners, who can attest to this. How does DMCI Homes suck? Let me count the ways: agents who couldn't bother to pick up their phones after they've sold you a unit, documentation officers who keep sending emails to an @yahoo email thinking that it doesn't make a difference when your email is actually an @gmail address, and graphic-artists-slash-Facebook-moderators reprimanding you for posting on their company's Facebook wall.

6. Will be filing my own taxes for the first time. So help me God.

7. March is cruel, but April will be vicious. So thank you, one and all. Let's catch up soon.

8. Banapple, I love you.

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