Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 8: Your views on mainstream music

Let's mix things up a bit again.

In the defense of mainstream music, it's the music that defines a generation, YOUR generation. Music has to be popular, to be mainstream, for more than a group of people to connect with it. More often than not, that group is The Youth, which makes sense as they are the largest consumer group when it comes to music.

Go back to the time of your prom and think about the songs the DJ played for everyone to dance to. Mine were 'Nsync's God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You and Backstreet Boys' Get Down. There were a few senti songs throw into the mix and also some cover songs by Freestyle.

Now these are horrible songs by our standards today. Hell, these are horrible songs by anyone's standards at present. Not with the youth right now going gaga over Lady Gaga (we used to have Spice Girls as a benchmark for fashion), crying over Bieber (Moffats, anyone?), and singing their lungs out to whatever indie artist only they know (alternative rock used to be our indie as nobody seems to want to listen to it then).

Nobody thinks pop music - mainstream music - is cool unless you were there to listen to it when it first came out. It's one of those You Have to Be There to Get It moments.

With that being said, in the defense of mainstream music, it's the music that connects people together. Naturally, it's popular, so everyone knows it, can sing at least a few lines or notes from it, and will remember it until their dying days.

Now that most of my peers and I -- the Eraserheads, the boyband, the senti generation -- are now in our late 20s, now that we have probably evolved into liking different musical genres, now that we are no longer Catholic School Girls gushing over blue-eyed, blond boys, what do you think will be played on our high school reunions and have everyone tapping their toes, shimmying their booties, and re-enacting what seems to be a swimmer attempting to do a backstroke out of water?

Six letters, 2 syllables: MMMBop.

On your high school reunion, you're going to be line dancing to Steps' 5,6,7,8; you're going to look longingly at your then high school crush when the first few lines of Freestyle's song Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang starts playing on the background; and your high school guy best friend will take your hand and comfort you with the Eraserheads' With a Smile.

In the defense of mainstream music, it is nothing to scorn at. On the contrary, it's part of one's history. I myself have no shame in admitting that I listen to Britney Spears. Sure, pop (mainstream) music is fun, not all of it may be gems, and you may not want to consider it as the defining genre of your musical taste. But if I have one thing to say about mainstream music, particularly the mainstream music of my youth, is that I embrace it. It reminds me of days when all it takes is a simple pop hook to lift my spirits up. It takes me back to days when things are carefree and I can let myself love with abandon, even if my subject of affection then is a musician who identifies me as a fan. It brings back memories of an entire busload of girls on a field trip, singing all together to a love song - athletes, mean girls, geeks, and artsy fartsy kinds all seem to have sentimental hearts back them so it seems.

How about you? What are your thoughts on Pop Music?

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