Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A study of trends: the Longchamp Le Pliage bag

Take a good look at the person sitting beside you, and chances are if she’s a girl, she will be toting a solid-colored nylon bag with leather straps and a leather flap. Unmistakably, that girl you’re beside with is toting one of the most popular bags in the Philippines as of late – the Longchamp Le Pliage.


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I don't mean to offend anyone, and you can only imagine the restraint I practiced while writing this article, but my friend Lester said it best: It's the elite bag of the masses.

Personally, after writing this article, I started wanting a Longchamp of my own. The history and the skillz put into every piece calls to me. With every bag, you already have a piece of fashion history in your possession. And admittedly, the Le Pliage has a classic look that can go from casual to dressed up. What irks me though is having to bump into five other people who have the same bag. That thought doesn't appeal to me. If I am going to buy a 15,000-peso bag, I would at least make sure that not every Ate and Tita in market places will have a replica of my bag.

Besides, that's P5,000 short of a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. Hey, I'm just keepin' my eye on the prize ;)

Any of you girls there have a Le Pliage? Thoughts?


(girlnextshore) said...

I've been using Longchamp since 2006 (c/o my mom). It's actually quite cheap to buy it here (£70 for the big one w/ long handles). Very durable and very handy for travels. I hate that it doesn't have compartments but it's an excuse to get cute pouches! =)

Mara said...

I actually want one because it's waterproof! Perfect for the schizophrenic Manila weather :) I wish they'd make more designs though so not everyone is carrying the same thing. The limited edition styles are so unappealing because as I've said, it's a few thousands short of a MbMJ bag :)

Anonymous said...

it's my lazy mode bag, just stuff everything inside and im good to go! =)

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