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More L+M 12.17.10 (aka The Awesome Wedding of Win) Photos


I really couldn’t get enough of Lyra and Mark’s wedding. In my heart, it was the Best.Wedding.Evarh, so I am going to share more pictures from the event :) Also, in case Lyra and Mark decided to submit their wedding in any wedding publication, I’d like to have the yabang factor of being able to put it online first.

Take that, Martha Stewart Weddings!

The Bride


My friend Lyra The Vampire. She doesn’t age. She also doesn’t sparkle.
This is what Tyra Banks’ life worth is all about: finding the light and your angles. LOL.

Our friend Melody Biligan did Lyra’s makeup as a wedding gift.



Don’t you just love the soft vintage effect in all their photos? I like this best better than the other HD wedding photos out there. Your wedding photos should look dreamy and pretty and romantic! Not a high-res, high fashion editorial wannabe. Tingin ko lang ha.

The Groom

Lyra, what a catch! LOL. In their wedding AVP, Lyra said Mark was a jock in grade school. Obvious ba? :)

Mark is also a great graphic designer/videographer/all around nice guy. He’ll be putting up his design studio soon, so if this wedding is not testament enough of his skillz, ewan ko na lang ha!

The Gown


Lyra told me she was trying to work with an up and coming young designer before. But the plan didn’t push through, so I don’t know who she ended up with. Still, her gown looked super fab! I wouldn’t know the difference if Big Name Designer did this or not.

The Church

The ceremony was held at the church of San Antonio ng Padua in Silang, Cavite. It was quaint church with amazing interiors.


The very pretty bride about to walk down the aisle.

It was Christmas season, so medyo nakatipid ng onti sa decorations. LOL.

The Entourage

Lyra and her family. Technicolor ba kamo?

I must admit, my friends and I were a bit apprehensive when Lyra said we can wear anything (then turned cocktail dresses) in any color for her wedding. I mean, in the hands of any typical Pinoy wedding, orange, fuchsia, and bubble gum blue can be disastrous! This just goes to show how Mark and Lyra have enough taste to make their wedding cute and sosyal! The cuts for the entourage’s dresses were so age-appropriate. Don’t you just love the prints and the patterns in Lyra’s mom’s dress? Or how youthful her sister looks in her blue + yellow ensemble?

Mark and his parents.
Note how all the boys in the entourage wore bow ties!
Everyone must be sick of Chuck Taylors for weddings right now, but how can you resist looking at these cute boys?

And girls! How cute is that headband?

I am so glad Lyra and Mark didn’t make their girls wear spag-strap gowns. Ugh. Those are so tacky! I like little girls wearing frou frou dresses and not mini versions of the bridesmaid's’ gowns.


Who would ever dare of mixing yellow with orange? Only Lyra and Mark! They chose a mustard-y shade of yellow with a darker tangerine shade of orange to make it work (Tumi-Tim Gunn lang naman ako on the side).

And of course, all the boys wore Chucks :)

The Ceremony

Guys, wala e. Late ako. Wala akong masyadong commentary.


Lyra and Mark even used rainbow-colored candles instead of white ones with colored ribbons. Very creative, won’t you agree?
Mark, bakit naman parang lola yung kiss? LOL.

Aaaaand they’re married :)

The Bridal Car

It’s a Mini Cooper!

Yes, it deserves an entire section of its own. I couldn’t find a picture with the L+M plate on the back, but it’s there. It happened.

 167826_10150129614261214_741456213_7908394_3004016_n 167312_10150129614326214_741456213_7908396_6140157_n
Did Mark drive the car himself after the ceremony? Galing!

The Post Wedding Pictures

180411_10150129618296214_741456213_7908486_4972634_n 167391_10150129617936214_741456213_7908477_1149125_n
165334_10150129617831214_741456213_7908475_4997834_n 167291_10150129618421214_741456213_7908488_5090444_n 167346_10150129618191214_741456213_7908483_3555702_n  167727_10150129617886214_741456213_7908476_1254568_n

Don’t they just like the lovely couple from Up?

The Reception

It took place in Ville Sommet, and with the chilly December wind, achieve na achieve ang mga porma namin!

180567_10150129619331214_741456213_7908503_2038716_n 167380_10150129619271214_741456213_7908502_4684541_n
163853_10150129619166214_741456213_7908500_5252556_n 167714_10150129617661214_741456213_7908467_7658198_n

Look at the kids turned and with eyes closed when their Teacher Lyra had a garter put on to her legs by her husband Mark. Using his teeth I might add!
This was my favorite part of the reception: Lyra dancing with her father. They danced to a LIVE string quartet version of The Beatles’ Here, There, and Everywhere.  

Nakakaiyak, guys. Diba Lester?


I already made an entry about the details that went with the wedding here, so lemme just show you all the Kodakan moments we’ve had. LOL.
We really felt that we were part of the wedding! With Melody doing makeup, Lester “Crybaby” Lim hosting, Cassie and Ken “winning” the bouquet and garter, we were really engaged! It felt like it was our wedding, too! And what a wedding to top. In the words of Melo, “Ikaw na!” Haha.


Ang ganda din ng soundtrack ng wedding nila. It’s a truly Indie Wedding minus the un-bathed guests.

 72073_131739856886997_100001529494980_201227_2655504_n 148265_131739523553697_100001529494980_201208_6089872_n
163204_131739893553660_100001529494980_201229_5546134_n 163660_131740030220313_100001529494980_201236_6199799_n
White wall, a DSLR, solb!

Thank you, Mark and Lyra, for making us part of your wedding :) It was truly an experience to be part of your special day :)

Wedding photos by Jill Lejano and Jason Buena (ano pa hinihintay nyo! Book nyo na!).
Table_03 photos by Camille Palacios and, er, Table_03.

To know more about L+M 12.17.10, check out lplusm - Lyra and Mark's wedding blog :)


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