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L+M 12.17.10 (aka The Awesome Wedding of Win): The Details

Let me tell you about this awesome wedding I attended last December

Maggie and Victor's Save the Date video has nothing on this one!

Lyra is a good friend I met in college. She is one of the extended members of our originally 11-strong (LOLZ) group, Table_03.* What I love about Lyra is that she's one of those people who always shows up for birthdays and whatnots even with her tight schedule. So when it was time for us to gather for her special day with Mark, we did not let her down. Even if her wedding was in Tagaytay and even if it was on a Friday (I had to take a leave without pay and another one of our friends had to fly in from Canada after just being there for 5 months), we made sure that we were there.

Lyra and Mark, on the other hand, did not disappoint. Seeing that they had to ask guests to troop to Tagaytay on a work day, they pulled all the stops to make their destination wedding a delight for both them and the attendees. I admit, I used to hate weddings. Weddings always make me feel like I am forced to attend a ceremony for people I don't really care about. But maybe that was just because I have only attended weddings of distant relatives and random neighbors. As Lyra and Mark are one of the first couples in my social circle to tie the knot, my friends and I were really excited.

Who wouldn't be with all the cute details of their kumo-concept** wedding? The devil was really in the details with this one. Lyra and Mark minded the smallest of things -- from their bridal car's plate number that read L+M up to the photobooth pics that had "Lyra and Mark are married!" instead of "...getting married" as seen on the invitation.

Their concept or theme, if I am not mistaken, has something to do with the circus and/or a fiesta. The colors they used are not the usual pastels and solid two-toned shades. Lyra and Mark went crazy with their wedding and used ALL the colors of the rainbow! They had

Hot air balloons 


167380_10150129619271214_741456213_7908502_4684541_n  Fiesta banners. Guys, ano ba ang English ng banderitas? Haha.

and the letter blocks that Mark used when he proposed to Lyra. During the proposal, Mark himself was standing on the “ME?” part instead of those letters. Can we all just die of cuteness overload right now? 

To illustrate more of L+M’s Legendary Wedding of Win, here be the Pic Spam.

Their invitation is a typography geek's dream. I particularly looooooved the embossed L+M on the envelope (paper geek alert!) 

Instead of boring corsages, they had button pins made for their entourage. 

Even the bride and groom themselves wore their own specialized button pins that said "Bride" and "Groom."

Guests who RSVP-ed got to take home a button pin with their name on it, too! Can you imagine the hell it must've been for the person who managed the guest list? So you see, it always pays to RSVP! 

Since I RSVP-ed, I get to have my own pin! Can you see the L+M 12.17.10 print on the sides? I just noticed those while I was taking pictures of my pins. Suffice to say, I am again equally amazed. 

My friend Z and I wearing our name pins. Pansinin: parehong single ang nagsuot. Gusto mu-mingle. Haha

For cocktails and pre-wedding snacks, there were “burgers with your name on it” waiting for guests. Burgers. With my name on it. 'Nuff said. Also, makeup fail. Was there a cotton candy machine and a popcorn maker, too? Or was I just imagining things? 

Also, since it takes a while to get from the church to the reception venue (considering traffic), Lyra and Mark gave away snack packs after the ceremony. I wasn't able to get one because I missed the church event, but Z told me it was full of our favorite childhood snacks! Can you see Butterball, Marie and Pompom in the picture? 

Lyra, being a preschool teacher, invited her students and their parents to her wedding, too. And to keep the kids busy, they had their (Mark's and Lyra's) avatars printed in coloring sheets for the kids. 

For the adults who couldn’t sit still, they were given beading kits to make their own bracelets, anklets, and what-have-yous. 

Here I am during an intense beading session with Cassie. Also in the picture: Jayb’s thumb.

I ended up making a bookmark with my initials because all the vowels were taken. 

As if the burgers with your name on it, the button pins, and the beading kits were not enough, Lyra and Mark also provided Lomolitos at each table for guests to camwhore and such. 

My best friends Cassie, Zhorai, and Camille. (wow. meeeehgaaanun?) 


Table_03 +L+M = Awesome 

The Singles and Ready Mu-mingles. 

Still the dorkiest bunch of all. 

Lyra and Mark’s wedding was so beautiful, so fun, and so well thought of! I never imagined myself having a grand wedding,*** but seeing their guests happy and L+M being able to pull off the concept without looking that they were trying too hard to be cool or indie or maiba lang made me want to have a cute, kumoconcept, and colorful wedding of my own, too :) L+M 12.17.10 was really an L+M + their family production. No other sourced wedding planner could pull this off. It was unique, L+M’s own, and, to be cheesy about it, Kasalang Espesyal.

I hope Damian Kulash gets divorced soon. 

*Yes, with the underscore because I said so. The name was in reference to the cat calls we used to make when one was trying to call his/her parents/significant other when we used to go out (Ma, dito lang ako sa bahay ni Cam. Gawa lang project/*with one of us heckling* Waiter! Isa pang bucket sa Table_03!). It then became our standard table assignment during debuts and even L+M's wedding :) 
 **This word has now crept into my vocabulary. Thank you, Mark.
 ***I don’t want to do the gown-church-reception with everybody there routine. I’ve always wanted to have a church wedding with only our families with friends only to follow during the reception. There was even a time I seriously considered sponsoring a concert with my favorite bands (The Killers, The Kooks, and OK Go) in lieu of a wedding. Haha. But after seeing this, baka pwedeng cover bands na lang. Magpapa-pancit na lang ako, guys, ha. Magiging asawa ko naman yung lead vocalist nung isang banda e ;)


Kath Leomo said...

OMG so awesome the wedding you attended talaga! Sobrang cute, OMG wedding of the year iyan!

Diana Alexandra said...


Ela said...


Mara Ruiz said...

ETA: The Burgers with Your Name On It also had your table designation on it. Galing no? :)

Zhorida said...

you failed to mention the person who attended two weddings that day and had to drive form los banos to tagaytay. at umuwi from singapore!

Anonymous said...

Akala ko ba 3 parts? Kulang pa ng isa! Haha!=)

Thanks for featuring our wedding! It's a first for Maraisms! *feels proud*

I wanted to make a really long comment, but I decided to make a blog entry about it instead. hehe =)

Just to answer your question, yes, we brought our personal cotton candy and popcorn makers, but between the chicken wrap and mini bacon cheeseburgers, we decided not to offer them as cocktails anymore because it might ruin our guests' appetites. *yes, teacher mode!*

Mark and I made the entourage and personalized badges ourselves. We bought a badgemaker in October, but was only shipped to us a week or o before the wedding! We only ordered the ones for our giveaways. =) My sister and I also tracked down the last 16 Lomolitos in Hong Kong and ended up walking from Sheung Wan Station to Central Station.

Lauren said...

Awww that is the cutest way to propose ever! The wedding looks like so much fun. Your friends are cool! :D

Mara said...

Lyra! I bet you're having a grand time with your button pin/badgemaker! I secretly want one, but as Z said, "san mo gagamitin?" Duh! To make button pins! Haha.

Z, no need to mention that since you already did ;)

Lauren, Ela, Kat, Alex: It is indeed epic/fun/best wedding of the century :D

zhorai said...

banderitas = buntings

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