Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 7: Location, location, location!

So by now you must've realized that I am slightly fumbling with my 30-day blog challenge. Mainly because I failed to realize that the questions are stupid. Seriously, who would want to read 30 supposed interesting things about myself, written by myself? Gah. Also, Day 7, oh Day 7. Must I really bore people to death about how I think I am classic Libra? Whatevs.

Anyway, to give my 30-day challenge an interesting twist, allow me to lift questions from Soul Pancake. It's a spirituality/creativity site started and put up by none other than Rainn Wilson aka The Office's Dwight Schrute!
Day 7: Is your happiness linked to your location? (Don't forget to tell us where you live.)

It was my first time to move out of my parents' house last July and I was really excited. It's not that living with my parents is such torture. Hey, it took me twenty-four years to finally move out! But my friend Z, in her infinite wisdom, once told me that she wanted to try living by herself at least once, at least before she gets married. That struck a chord in me, as I've been living in my parents' house in Cavite up until recently and never have I tried living alone, not for college, not for work. My Big Move really is my first time to live (semi) independently.

My parents helped me set up my own digs the first time I moved in to my Room in the City. We brought in furniture and appliances, arranged knick knacks, hung curtains, and cooked lunch all in one day! Come 4:00 in the afternoon, it was time for my parents to go home and for me to savor the fruit of my year-long toil.

Saying goodbye to them in the parking lot was bittersweet; it was the weekend and because I have social obligations to attend to at that time, I had to spend my first weekend alone. It was the first time that I have been alone in my own space in the city. Although I know I'll be seeing them after five days, there was a sinking feeling that I just couldn't shake off then.

The thrill I have been feeling as my moving day came closer was suddenly gone. I never thought about having to do my own laundry, still having to cook my own food instead of coming home to a warm meal at the end of the day, and cleaning up after myself! My god! The amount of time it takes me to do a general cleaning for a space that is smaller than my room in Cavite!

Our pitbull, Obama.
And our dogs :( For a brief moment, I had to unlearn the habit of dropping food from my table, thinking one of our eleven dogs will pick up any of my leftovers. It also didn't help that two of my good friends moved to different countries while one recently got married to her job.

Moving to the city was supposed to bring me closer to my job and my friends. I never realized how my Big Move is one of the loneliest decisions I have made in my life, but it's a necessary evil of this thing called Growing Up. Not a lot of people my age can say that they have a property under their name, bought using their own money. Most of my peers still even live with their parents (myself included but only during weekends).

For some time, I thought moving to the city will make me happier, my commute easier, and my social life a bit livelier. Well, it did for a while, but not when my friends started moving away from me. I also barely spend weekends in the city now. In the end it really did not matter where I am; all that matters is where my loved ones are (nux).

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