Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 6: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

I once read that people who like talking about themselves are the most boring people on earth. That has always been my guiding rule whenever I blog. So to ask me to enumerate thirty interesting things about myself is kind of a stretch. It was fun when you were drunk, twenty-one years old, on LJ, and blogging and blogging, but nobody really cares that I was a spelling bee champ in grade school (I wasn't).

So here's the deal: I'll tell you ten things about myself that I am at liberty to disclose, and you can choose to keep reading or just pack up and leave.

Fair enough?

1. My name is Mara, and I live on the 19th floor.

2. I am slightly addicted to paper products and I have a mid-size collection of notebooks at home. My room alone is a fire hazard.

3. I can't swim to save my life. I also can't just swim (even if I weren't saving my life).

4. My teen years to early 20s can be divided into three fandoms: Harry Potter, Meteor Garden/F4, and Hanson. Yup, in that order.

5.With that being said, I spent a large chunk of my late teen years joining Harry Potter Trivia IRC Chatrooms.

6. My great grandparents are full-blooded Chinese. If I have the facts straight, my middle name would've been Teng instead of Castro. My relatives had to buy a Spanish-sounding last name for reasons that allude me. Nevertheless, I never call myself a 1/16th Chinese. People who call themselves 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Spanish, and 1/3 Chihuahua are utterly ridiculous.

7. Somewhere in the Interwebz, a Web site about my college barkada (Table_03) exists. That was the first Web site that I've created.

8. I've lived in Cavite for 24 years. I moved into the city some six months ago.

9. I've never been to Boracay and Embassy (now more popularly known as Encore Prive). I've been to Rebuliq Super Club twice because I am Supah Cool. I also think clubbing is a waste of time.

10. In the event that I get brutally murdered and my face unidentifiable, this is how I look like:

See what I did there?
11. Also an identifiable body mark, in case of my demise, is a scar on my right arm. I was five or so and I was hanging out at my paternal grandparents' veranda. Because of my enthusiasm to watch a parade going on downstairs, I ran straight into our maid who conveniently had a flat iron on her hands that time. Was she trying to stop me from falling down two storeys WITH A SEARING HOT FLAT IRON? Who knows.

12. I will not turn down a serving of Laoag longganisa, garlic rice, and pinakbet

13. I am really judgmental, especially of people who name their gadgets. Please, people, let's grow up.

14. Wicked is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITEST musical. When I first saw Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowith's Tony performance of Defying Gravity, I swear there were tears in mah eyes. I shiver every time I daydream about going to Broadway and seeing a restaging of Wicked with all the original cast members.

15. Since we're talking favorites, The Office is a show I used to dare not miss. When I was still blogging at LJ and had too much time on my hands, I would post screencaps of the show every Thursday and write a point-by-point fan analysis of the show, mostly for the LULZ. Most of my jokes are The Office references. Wondering who Jim is? Yup, a The Office reference.

16. I loooooove OK Go! I love that they do not always take their selves too seriously like Kings of Fuggin' Leon yet their songs have that depth,excitement, and that tinge of obnoxiousness and sarcasm that I really love.

17. But we all know I secretly love John Mayer.

18. Aside from being published, I know I'm made as a writer when I've finally written for Mental Floss. Nerdify!

19. Every year, as part of my Self Improvement Plan, I always try to travel out of the country at least once, watch at least one concert, and watch at least one musical/play. This year, I've already made plans to go back to SG, I hope R.E.N.T. goes on an extended run, and I hope someone goes with me to one of the Sugarfree farewell shows.

20.  In a perfect world, I am Sofia Coppola, decked from head to toe in Marc Jacobs, and is BFFs with Wes Anderson. Such life.

Well, that's all I can exhaust about myself. If you want to ask me anything, just go ahead! Maybe I can tell you something about myself to complete this list. But for now, I am just glad I am over with silly 30 things list.


Diana Alexandra said...

Ang fun naman nito. :)

I can go with you dun sa isa sa mga Sugarfree gigs but we're running out of time :(

I can't swim too.

My lineage is more exotic than most people in the Philippines but I never really considered myself a mixed race (well, isn't everybody in the Philippines anyway?)

YOu're really one of the people I like most from the internet. :)

Mara said...

Alex! Their last gig is sa UP Fair. Are you going? Meron din sa MOA =/

We need to take swimming lessons. Mahirap na baka magka Ondoy part 2.

Really? What's your lineage? Ako boring lang. People in Asian countries always try to talk to me in Chinese. Like a local. Haha.

Thanks, Alex! I really like you and Alex, too. Such awesome people you two :)

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