Thursday, January 13, 2011

Planner People

Last year, I got to snag not one but FOUR planners for 2010! Blame it on my caffeine addiction and my luck (I won the BDJ planner in a raffle), but any person in her right mind would know that one planner for a year is enough. So this year, I did my research. Out of all the planners that came with every cup of overpriced coffee, I finally managed to settle for one that didn't come from an Addiction Franchise.


I got mine from Planner People.

From the site:

We are three friends who didn't like any of the planners on sale, so we decided to create our own. :)
We are Kris, Reg, and Mela.

I've had fond memories (lolwhut?) of ordering from Reg of The Fundamentals. Love LOVE the Cubcake notebooks I got from her 2 years ago (with freebies!) so it was a delight to know that Reg is one of the people behind the Planner People.

IMG_6072 IMG_6073 
The planners come in several different designs, but being a person with a slight inclination to pink, of course it's a no-brainer that I went for Watermelon.
IMG_6074 IMG_6075 

Unlike most planners from most coffee places that have all those faces of people I don't know and not to mention those bad copies, Planner People's planners are plain, simple, and no-fuss. I appreciate that because it means I can doodle on the pages and really make the planner my own.

Still, the planner has the essentials of what a planner should have 

A page with an entire year view
Pages with per month views. A must have for me!

The weekly pages.

Added plus are the dotted pages for notes and whatnots. It's almost similar to my favorite Muji notebook, although with larger and more visible dots. I like dots in my notebooks because unlike lines that are too restrictive and blank pages that can be messy, the dots give you the freedom to go beyond the lines (because of the lack if it. LOL) and still write, er, straightly. Yes, I've put a lot of thought on this.

Unfortunately, Planner People's dots are quite distracting. I don't mind though.
I do wish I could tell you to head over to Planner People and get yours now, but they ran out of stocks early! There's always next year though. How about you, guys? Care to share the planner you're using right now? :)


Meedge said...

Navi! And I'm liking it more than any other planner I've used. Cheers!:)

Mara Ruiz said...

Yay! I hope they come up with more notebooks soon!

Reg said...

Thank you for the great writeup! Will take your comments into consideration for next year's planners! :)

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks, Reg! I look forward to your new paper products :)

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