Monday, January 10, 2011

How do you measure, measure a year?


In daylights: Not as much as I would want to see.
In sunsets: Almost nil.
In midnights: This, I have to say, I’ve had A LOT
Cups of coffee: Too many to mention.

So how do you measure your 2010?

There seems to be an ongoing fad online to either (a) recount your 2010 (I know I just did for POC’s Beauty and Fashion Channel) or (b) write your goals or resoluzionz online. I, however, haven’t drafted mine yet because the year started really busy for me. Hell, I was editing a book on New Year’s day because I had a 1 PM deadline the next day!

Anyway, let’s not turn this into Who’s Life is More Worthwhile (mine) Party. I know we are all productive individuals in our own wee ways. Besides, we have 2010 to prove it! By the way, how was your 2010? Here’s how mine went!

The Highs
  1. I FINALLY moved in to my own digs. After a year of penny pinching (which I am still doing, mind you) and a lot of shopping for useless house wares, I finally got to set foot in my own place, with my name on the title and all! It was my first Adult Decision to do so, and I am so glad I finally took the fearful and agonizing step into home ownership.

  2. I quit my BPO copyediting job. This may sound more like a Low for some, and believe me, it wasn’t. But I have to say that it has been the highlight of my 2010. Sure, there was a lot of panicking involved – How the hell am I going to pay for my condo, my bills, let alone my own meal? – but quitting a mediocre job led me to a more fruitful and (hopefully) better career.

  3. I got myself a byline! It’s not as exciting as a byline in print (which I hope I can work towards achieving), but my writing finally got street cred, yo!

  4. I got to see a douche John Mayer perform LIVE in Manila! The story of how I got there (i.e., the travel) was of Exodus-like proportions, heavy rains and all, but it was totally and completely worth it.

  5. I apparently stopped dabbling into makeup and just dove into it. I never really noticed it, but I have become my friends’ go-to person when it comes to makeup. I never really claimed to be an expert, but I guess when you improve from looking like this and they see you dish out tips incessantly, you start gaining other people’s trust.

The Lows: Alone Again, Naturally

There’s basically just one actually: two of my good friends moved out of the country – one for work and one for good. It happened right after I moved closer to the city. Now I am left with strangers and an empty condo to go home to.

I planned  Margarita Fridays that will spill over to Pool Party Saturdays after my Big Move. But with them gone and one of them working night shifts, I must admit that the first few weeks without my friends were rather sad. Add being The Girl People Have to Buy a Last-Minute Gift for the Office Christmas Party in my new job and I was this [] close to considering moving back home with my parents, where a warm meal and at least a dog will be happy to see me home.

But I soldiered on. It’s just a matter of finding other friends to go out with on Friday nights and having a few useless challenging goals to fill your days.

A bit of introspection

I started 2010 with so-so optimism only to get punched in the face midway to the point that I don’t even know what’s happening. You know how some people start the New Year with wishes? I do that, too, at an alarming specificity, I might add. I like my goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound), you see, so it scares the hell out of me that most of my wishes for 2010 came true almost to a T, even if it came with consequences I wasn’t ready to face back then.

Looking back, 2010 was The Great Push I needed to come out of The Great Lull that was 2009. As for 2011, to be quite honest, I am afraid of it. I am afraid of the possibilities that it has to offer and the amount of space for failure that it presents. Still, I am hopeful. Hope is what made me get through 2010 and I count on it to be the same thing to get me through 2011.

So long (2010), and thanks for all the fish!


Anonymous said...

meron pa! the first T3 wedding!

Mara Ruiz said...

Hi Anonymous aka Zhorai, I only listed personal achievements and non-achievements. Come to think of it, 2010 has been good to me. Including the one you listed, I also got to SG! So, yay!

Ela said...

Congrats on taking a big leap towards adulthood :)

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