Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 4: Your views on religion

Ahoy! As I've predicted, this 30-day thing does not pan out as I've expected. As usual, work and whatever's left of my social life ate up my free time. Also, this next topic is an iffy subject that I don't like discussing. It's about religion, and as much as I love God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph -- they're all my hommies, it's organized religion that I have a problem with. But anyway, let's get crackin'!

Also, my lovely lady lumps.

You see, a huge chunk of my life was spent being a Catholic School Girl, mainly my adolescent life, the most volatile period for a person to be involved in religion. The nuns in my school were strict to the point of being almost totalitarian. Their ways and means were mostly preventive, so we weren't given the capacity to decide for ourselves. I couldn't blame them since most of my schoolmates were in this rebellion, "let's fuck the nuns up!" phase of their lives, which I think wasn't beneficial for both parties.

This was the period of my life where I started having problems with religion. Well, at least the you have to do this or you'll burn in hell, you heathen part of it. One of the nuns' ways of disciplining us girls was to immerse us in rigid prayer - Angelus, rosaries, Gospel readings - all in one day. I am okay with all those if I were a cloistered nun, but damn, I was a teenager with raging hormones! Prayers on top of a demanding academic life was just too much. How can I pass a test I haven't studied for if I was busy praying to pass the test I haven't studied for?

I also partially blamed those nuns for my being unsocialized and single. You think they'd be throwing us into the arms of co-eds with the G on G dilemma they've been having with an entire all-female population, but noooooo. They think banning jeans and pushing us into skirts would do the trick. This was during the late 90s, mind you, when frou frou skirts were virtually unheard of. Well, unless you're a Spice Girl.

Eventually, I reconciled with my faith and realized that I shouldn't blame the deities for what their bat shit insane army is doing *cough*Anti-RH Bill movement*cough*

So to summarize:
  • I DO believe in God and faeries.
  • I somewhat have a problem with organized religion. I attend mass when I can and want to, but I don't like being forced to do it.
  • I DO pray.
  • I AM Catholic.


Lyra Stella said...

I have the same problem, but like you, I have recently reconciled with my faith. I find that adhering to the teachings of Jesus has brought peace to my life. I have received endless strength and grace through prayer. Marriage has forced me to confront my issues on responsible parenthood and family planning, and I have found that my views and the Catholic Church's views on the matter are practically on the opposite ends of the spectrum (we both agree on the issue of abortion, though). Let me end this comment (before it turns into an essay) by saying that my introspection of my faith is an ongoing journey. I wish you luck with yours. =)

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks, Ly! I rarely talk about religion to friends or anyone because it gets messy when you're dealing with Christians, atheists, and in betweens. The Catholic Church has also been getting a reputation lately. But like you, I do like praying. It calms me down.

To Jebus! (I also believe God has a sense of humor :D)

Lynx said...

Love reading your blog posts, just keep it up ^_^ 20-something topics to go!!!

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