Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plus size ukay find: a dress for a wedding


Thrifting is already a challenge in itself. For one, you don’t get to choose sizes. You also don’t get to choose the design you want. Sometimes it’s all about having a keen eye and a lot of ukay mojo. If all the normal-sized girls go through all these hassles, take all of those and multiply that by ten for us plus size ladies. It helps that the standard size in the Philippines is still pretty small compared to American and European sizes and that my “lovely lady lumps” are still considered normal in some parts of the world.

Although I seldom strike gold in our nearby Cavite ukay shop, I always manage to find great buys. The dresses and cover ups I wore both at the Vanity Fair and Sony’s 3D World were all thrifted. So one lazy Sunday afternoon, a day when my parents and I usually hit the thrift stores for lack of better things to do (time slows down in Cavite it seems), it never occurred to me that I’d hit jackpot on the ukay racks.

After trying on several dresses, I found the perfect dress for my friend’s wedding on December.

My crappy camera phone does not give it justice!

It was love at first fit! I love the details (shown above), the material, the three-fourth sleeves that conceal my thunder arms (LOL), and the lovely champagne color. The best part: it only costs P100. 

I'm thinking of pairing it with patterned/sheer stockings and chunky/strappy heels. What do you guys think?

There are some kinks though like how the hem and the sleeves balloon because of its material and stitching, something my mother said she could fix with her dandy sewing machine. All in all, I am really happy and excited about this dress!


What about you guys? Found anything good while thrifting lately?


KIRA ♥ said...

Oh wow, what a great find! Take a good photo when you wear it to the wedding so we can see the lovely details :) Havent gone ukay in months! Although a new Raberly ukay store just opened literally just 10 minutes away from my house! LOL.

Lynx said...

Even though the photo's unclear, I can tell right off what a lovely dress you've found ^_^ Cheers!

Viena said...

The fitting room looks familiar. I think I know this place :) By the way, nice dress huh!

Mara Ruiz said...

Kira, I will! My mother's not done with the repairs yet though, and I am still looking for textured tights to go with it.

Lyn, it is! I love it!

Viena, King Bhat Ukay at Puregold! Lol.

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