Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Company I am Keeping

Hello, everyone! I apologize if this blog has not seen the light of day for weeks now, but it’s all because I got a new job (yay me!). Obviously, it’s with the top direct selling company in Asia and one of the top 5 in the world, Avon! It still inspires me today how I am part of an organization that offers so much opportunities for women, just like myself.

What is more amazing about my job for Avon is that I am in a field that, although has at least 29 billion Filipino users, still remains as one of the most under utilized technology in this country – the internet. And in case you are wondering, I am the current web editor for Avon Philippines. So far, I had my first try at uploading the electronic brochure, which apparently A LOT of people is not aware of! So if ever anything from our brochure catches your fancy, do not hesitate to contact a representative near you. I am sure there is at least one Avon Lady in your neighborhood.

Anyhoo, I hope you guys still stick around. My life (surprisingly) got a little bit more exciting and I wish I could still share it with you :)


Zhorida said...

thinking of using avon baby products for myself

Mara Ruiz said...

My officemate uses Avon Baby Shampoo! She told me it's great when you have an oily scalp.

Kira said...

I love Avon! And excuse me I check that e-brochure like clockwork every 1st and 16th of the month. Heee :D

Mara said...

Yay! Thanks Kira! Thanks for using Avon :D

Meedge said...

Congratulations on having a new job and liking it!:)

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks, Meedge! It's really exciting :)

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