Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vanity, Vanity, What art thou?

Vanity has always taken a bad rep since that guy Narcissus took the plunge. But in the age of beauty and lifestyle blogging, these days, Vanity is taking a different meaning. It’s not just about being too preoccupied with how you look like to the point of obsession; it’s also about achieving for wellness, aiming for healthier a lifestyle, and looking confident.

Over the weekend beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers were invited to take part in a Vanity Fair at The Skydome in SM North Edsa. Yup, you read it right: an event to actually celebrate vanity! Liz of Project Vanity was a media partner and it was generous of her to make me tag me along (even if I am not a BNB*, lol). The fair ran from September 29 to and October 1, but we were there on the last day to participate in activities specially for bloggers.


IMG_5491 Inside The Skydome were several set ups for products, services, and food related to beauty, all in the name of vanity.

IMG_5478 Mosbeau, pronounced “mos-byĆ¼”. Short for “most beautiful” according to Liz.

IMG_5484Funny story (maybe, not really): while I was walking around taking pictures, the girl from Slimmers World handed me a wad of brochures with the words “Is liposuction right for you?” Geez, thanks for pointing out the obvious, lolz.

IMG_5492 IMG_5494
I was wondering at first why Philips was one of the participants. I thought it was another beauty product named Philips or something. Turns out, Philips has a line of somehow beauty-related items: shavers, blowers, and hair irons.

And of course, what's a Vanity Fair without the free makeovers?

IMG_5486 IMG_5495

IMG_5510 IMG_5508
John Robert Powers also gave a short talk about Virtual Poise or how you present yourself visually. There were tips on how to sit, stand, and walk properly, particularly what to do with your hands when you're doing so.

Photo by Kira Ramirez
The Body Shop gave also gave a talk on how to go from day to night with a smokey eye make-up. There was a Q&A portion about your favorite The Body Shop products and I just had to join. My “I am soo happee to have won theez” look.

However, the highlight of the event was Liz’s talk on how to take your blog to the next level. Wait for her post about it on Project Vanity.

62891_491470221320_571111320_7250939_1907002_nPhoto by Kira Ramirez

With Lyn and Kim

What I wore:
Thrifted white cardigan and red summer dress (the Ukay Shops in Cavite are the best!)
Shoes from VNC
NYX Snow White lipstick

Don’t you just love how red and white complement each other perfectly? I do!

Overall, it was a nice event. I learned a lot, met new people, and reconnected with some of the girls from POC. I wish I could’ve stayed longer but I had to make a mad dash from SM North to SM MOA for another event. What’s it about? you ask. Well, let’s just say he’s the reason I wore what I wore ;)
*Big Name Blogger


KIRA ♥ said...

You're so purty, Ma-ruh! And hey, I knew you were wearing Snow White cos I have that lippie too. It looks gorge on you :) So how was the John Mayer concert? :)

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks Kira! Don't you just love how cheap yet effective Snow White is? :D I'll blog about the JM concert soon!

Anonymous said...

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