Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On traveling

IMG_5695 Over at Liz’s party the during the weekend, we got to talk about spending over Experiences vs. Things. Liz said she wanted to spend more on material things rather than experiences. As for me, my last two years were spent on acquiring a place of my own that I think it’s just right to finally spend on experiences this time.

I can’t say I have the itch to travel like most people my age. I am all for stability and financial security first and foremost that’s why I invested on a property first before anything else. My parents are also still on the prime of their age, too, so I believe we still have several years left to travel together.

But lately, it’s just that it feels like I am missing out on something whenever the topic of traveling arises. Sometimes, even if you’re not big on traveling for cultural experiences or spiritual enlightening, it’s still nice to have something to bring to the table on this subject.

So this year, after I’ve finally settled down in my own place, I can finally say that I am now ready to travel again. Passport out, e-ticket printed, dollars at hand!

First stop: Singapore!

Of course, for someone who likes (an understatement) shopping, what better place to be in than one of the best shopping destinations in South East Asia?

Charles and Keith?
Cotton On?

Do any of these brands ring a bell to you? It does to me!

I'll be traveling alone to a different country FOR THE FIRST TIME, and my father, with all confidence in his 26-year-old daughter, told me to "Huwag kang tatanga tanga sa airport ha!" Thanks Pop!

So before the streets get too congested because of the holidays AND the OTHER HOLIDAY (Philippine Fashion Week! LOL), let me bid you all adieu, stay safe, and enjoy the long weekend!

This didn't post over the weekend because I saved it as draft (do'h)! But I am actually back from SG :D


KIRA ♥ said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back :D

Meedge said...

I think I spend way too much on experience, thus leaving me with but a few material possessions. Haha. Do share your travel experience, as I will be needing your SG tips for when I go to SG in March. Welcome back!

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks Kira! I have something for the POC girls :D (it's small lang. Lol)

Meedge, I didn't take any photos though. I just shopped! I will *try* to make an entry about my shopping experiences :D

KIRA ♥ said...

@Mara: Ooooh can't wait :D I'm pretty sure you went to Cotton On right?

@Meedge: Me too :( All my friends have all these tech stuff at home. But I'd rather go a-travelling than buy stuff, hee :D

Mara Ruiz said...

Kira, I made a killing at Cotton On! Lol.

Meedge said...

@Mara: Looking forward to your SG shopping entry!
@Kira: I lose interest with stuff after I've had them for a while, but these travel experiences, i look back with fondness always.:)

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