Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Contact card printing at Yooprint

sillygirlwaves contact card
Old school freelancing taught me to always have a hardcopy of my portfolio at hand, and I never even thought of using my blog as an avenue to showcase what I can do.

But in this digital age, when literally everyone is a writer and/or blogger, I realized that hard copies of portfolios are becoming things of the past. Everything’s going online and digital. With this, it’s easier if you have a contact card indicating your blog’s url, your email address, and your contact numbers.

I’ve always thought it’s a little pompous to have a contact card of your own if what you do is not really the type of job that people have to call you. But lately, more and more clients don’t really have the time to browse portfolios; most of them usually just prefer to read online. Couldn’t blame them: it saves them time, it saves paper, and it’s less tedious.

I’m really not a pro blogger; I just keep one so I can have an online portfolio of sorts where interested parties can have an idea of what I can do.  And since I don’t have a dotcom yet (as I haven’t decided if I should get one or not), and my blog can be a mouthful, after my third contact card request, I gave in and had fifty pieces printed.

As you can see, my contact card’s a little sophomoric. It’s the result of a “Can we meet tomorrow?”-all-of-a-sudden client call that I couldn’t get out of. It’s a good thing there are a lot of printing places out there that can make cheap yet professional-looking contact cards. And one of them is Yooprint, where I had mine made.

The only gripe I had on the place is that their people are not trained well to handle Photoshop. I even had to teach the lady manning the post on how to create patterns out of a jpeg file that I brought. She kept stretching the jpeg and insisting that it will look blurred because I brought a small file. Uhm, hello?

But aside from that, I am not complaining. For P4.00 a piece (with a minimum order of fifty pieces), you get what you paid for in terms of service, I guess. Evidently, their main business is to print and not to design. When the time comes that I run out of contact cards and the need for a blog redesign arises, I can only wish that I can afford my favorite graphic designer, Nubby Twiglet.

How about you guys, ever had the need to print contact cards? Who designs/designed your cards? Can you recommend any good printing places?

Yooprint is located inside National Bookstore, 1st Level, Glorietta 5, Makati. They also print invitations and greeting cards.


KIRA ♥ said...

I had my EarthlyDelights card designed by Lai Reyes. I don't have a calling card for my blog yet though. I have mine printed at the mall..I forgot the name. It's just a small stall that prints buttons, calling cards and the like.

How much did you pay for yours? :)

KIRA ♥ said...

I meant, how much kaya to have it designed? Can you recommend some people/establishments? Yung affordable ;p

Mara Ruiz said...

I think I know Lai Reyes, if she's the same Lai Reyes from Filipina Flickerites :D

Kira, may I see your card? I think I want to have one designed professionally na din.

I paid P200 for 50 cards.

Mara Ruiz said...

I don't know anyone in particular e. Diba Alex is a graphic designer?

DK said...

hello! :)

in the office we don't even have contact cards. or calling cards for more old school feel.

I can see that your background is your blog! :) does the price get cheaper the more cards you print in yooprint?

Mara Ruiz said...

What? But you meet people for your job, right?

And yeah, that's my background (branding, lol). It doesn't get cheaper when your print more e. Standard sya.

Card Printing US said...

Mara, I agree with you. I am also not a problogger. I write content just to express my ideas and feeling in which I cannot utter. Anyways, I've been a loyal customer of youprint because of their unique and stunning products.

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