Friday, August 13, 2010

Want to know a great way to organize your make-up?

One of the problems I've had after I moved in to my condo a few weeks back was how to organize all my clutter. I have to confess, I am never really neat when it comes to my things. You can say I am a Secret   Slob in a way. But in my defense, it was more because of the lack time to really get my hands dirty *excuses, excuses*. OK, maybe a little procrastination, too. LOL.

Anyway, a bulk of the things I brought with me when I moved was, of course, my humble make-up and brush collection. I never knew I have amassed so much in a span of 10 months! Make-up enthusiast will agree with me when I say that make-up can really be addicting. Do I hear a resounding "Aye!" from you, ladies?

To remedy this, I scoured the net to for the best way to organize my make-up. I figured make-up bags will not cut it anymore so I opt for a sturdier alternative

An acrylic make-up organizer! I searched high and low for local retailers and department stores for something like this, but never really found one or something similar to it.

I bought mine from this posting, paid through bank deposit, and got my package the next day.
I'm not sure why they're selling it for PHP 500 now, but a few weeks back, I got mine for only PHP 250, including shipping. Maybe you guys can haggle? ;)

How it looks like unboxed. Believed me, it's HUUUUUUGE!
With things in it.
Placed neatly atop my table.
  • It's made of clear, durable plastic/acrylic, making it a little bit sturdier than the glass ones I've seen in malls.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Because it's clear, you can easily spot whatever it is that you need without digging into compartments.
  • Holds everything in place as it should.
  • Containers have a variety of depth and width,  making it perfect for different types of make-up and make-up accessories. As pictured, there are compartments for lipsticks, brushes, and make-up paraphernalia.

  • The size used to bother me before, but I lived with it. For some, its 14-inch length and 8-inch width may not be compact enough. Just think of it this way: more space means more reason to shop for more make-up. Right? ;)
  • Because it's clear, stains and scratches may easily show up. But it's nothing a good cleaning every week can't get rid of.

Lastly, if you want to keep your brushes in the open like I do, and if your place is a dust magnet like my place is, remember to always clean your brushes as often as needed. Better yet, keep your brushes in a covered make-up bag.

How about you, guys. How do you organize your make-up and make-up accessories? Do share!


KIRA ♥ said...

Is this the one that you and Lauren have tweeting about last month? And yeah, I am never too neat with my stuff too, but I always know where they are! :p

josh healy said...

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