Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's get Naked!

I've always been a fan of anything Urban Decay ever since I got the Alice in Wonderland palette. But although Alice is a great collection of colors and glitters, I must admit that I haven't utilized it a lot. To be quite honest, I am still apprehensive of using too much colors and I am not as adventurous with make-up as others might be.

Even so, Urban Decay's Sin has always been my go-to eyeshadow when I am pressed for time to experiment with color combinations and shading techniques. I love it so much that I asked for relatives to send me a full pot of it even if it costs $17 each. It still hasn't reached my hands yet as my grandmother's scheduled to go home on August. Albeit the wait, I think this came out as blessing in disguise because lo and behold, Urban Decay just announced a great palette that includes my favorite shade and more!

Behold, The Naked Palette

It's Urban Decay's newest palette that has shades of neutrals with an edge.
Photo from Temptalia
It's perfect for work, dates, that no make-up look, and even for subtle smokey eye looks! What I like most about this palette is that unlike Urban Decay's previous palettes, all the eye shadows in NAKED come in their full $17 sizes! It sure is worth all the $44 and moreI am in love! *Exclamations!* 

The minute I read about this from Liz's post, I immediately emailed my aunt, cancelled my order of Sin, and upgraded to Naked. Not quite sure though if this is a limited edition palette, but if I were you (and if you are as in love with this one as I am), I'd snag a piece the moment July 29 gets here!

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lizlan said...

I want this so bad!!! But I don't know, 2 grand? I wanna buy stuff from F21 pa! I'll think about it. If ever though, pwede pasabay sa order mo? XD

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