Monday, July 5, 2010

Forever 21

What was left for us mere fashion mortals.
You've probably read my tweets and gagged on how excited I was over a measly clothing line, but I don't care. As much as I also think that lining up for something seemingly ridiculous IS ridiculous, I, also, do not care. I love Forever 21 and you won't believe how many times I've wished and sighed longingly at their website for this brand to finally get to The Third World.

Line up I did at 11 AM last Saturday at Megamall. It wasn't that bad, but it's equally as embarrassing and silly. I was amongst tweeners so I almost questioned my fashionability (it's already questionable to start with).

Nothing remarkable when we got in. I even texted Jean, who I was supposed to meet there, that I was underwhelmed. The most blogged about shoes and most of the nice clothes were already out of stock. Sure, there are great finds, but nothing special. I ended up buying basics (LOL, what's new), some statement accessories (which I think are overpriced for something that will tarnish over time), and a dress. I have been spoiled by 180-peso ukay dresses, but I'm willing to spend more than a thousand for something new.

In a way, I am glad that Forever 21 is here and  that we mere mortals have a choice. The price points are incredibly insane (those basic tops are 125 each! Barely less than $3) and I wouldn't mind going back (but not lining up) again for more.


Kira said...

Cant. spend. money. now. Have to save up for an upcoming trip. I guess F21 would have to wait :(

DK said...

i saw a code for the like button for blogspot. One could individually like posts :) hehehe

Anyway, so what will happen now with the Fake Forever 21? What would they do?

Helga said...

@Kath, the fake Forever21 changed their name!

Sa end of July na ako pupunta ng F21 pag pwede na ulit ako magshopping.

Lynx said...

@DK, the fake Forever 21 is now called Hip Culture

Mara Ruiz said...

@DK, thanks! Installed it aleady :)

Jean said...

I stayed there for 4 hours and only got jeans, sunglasses and a tank top. -_-

By the way, it was nice meeting you!

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