Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinner with the @beautyatPOC girls

After exchanging ideas, comments on blogs, and tweets with each other, I finally got to meet the girls of POC’s Beauty and Fashion Channel. I must admit I was a bit nervous because I am always clumsy and awkward when it comes to such social situations. Good thing I already met some of them during the Sony event, so it was easy for me to warm up to them.

IMG_5232 The Girls of @beautyatPOC with our features editor, Tita Noemi.

The night was spent eating good food (thanks Lyn for the sundae!), talking about (what else?) fashion and make-up, some politics, and our dating lives (or lack thereof). We were jumping from one topic to another, and it really felt like I was among people I’ve already been friends with for a long time. Hey, we’ve been working for five months or so now; that’s saying something!


Left to right: Lyn, with her ever chatty self.  Alex, who I initially thought would be all “fashion, fashion, fashion!” but was really more down to earth than I excepted. Kira, who is so bubbly and perky! Tanya who still managed to looked pretty despite sleepless nights because of law school (how do you do it?).


Tita Noemi, whose stories are always fun to listen to. Lauren, whose blog I religiously follow and read. Liz, who was really, really, nice. She also made Tita Mara happen. Lolz. Aaand, that’s me.


Supposed outfit post. I was wearing a tunic top from Forever 21 that couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a top or a dress. So I used a belt I got from Celine and a shorts from Bayo to keep flashing people with my bum.
Last photo from Kira’s blog.


Kira said...

Nice to meet ya Mara! So looking forward to next month's dinner or contract signing...whichever comes first :p

The Reluctant Stylista said...

Oo nga! Nakakablib si Tanya. How does she do it? Nice to meet you, too, Mara! Let's go for a run soon, okay? Preferably at The Fort (for some reason I think it's easier to run there. Not that I've any experience)!

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