Thursday, July 8, 2010

D for Death at A1913 and C for Canada

At the risk of sounding like a bad Sex and the City rip off, I once read that a girl only needs three things to make it in this life: good shoes, good food, and good friends. I'm not sure if I already have the first two parts down, but I am pretty convinced that I already have the last one covered.

I'm never really vocal about how awesome my friends are, but I guess this is the right time to tell them that they are. More so that one of them is leaving for Canada and will not be back for (technically) 3 years!

I haven't given it much thought before, dismissing 3 years as just 3 years, but blame it on John Mayer and a night of playing Why Georgia on a loop

Everybody is just a stranger but
that's the danger in going my own way
I guess it's the price I have to pay
for sadness to finally get into me. Companions and acquaintances I have a lot, but it's friends that I barely have.

So last Monday, barely a few days before Camille flies off to Canada, we've scheduled a modest pizza night with just the four of us in a bare condominium unit.

A view I shared with four of the best people in my life *nux*!

We never really talked about how we're never going to be complete, how we worked best when we're together (whenever one is not around, we over order meals as if someone's there to eat it). In fact, we just joked about finding another Fourth, spending more time together now that I'm finally moving to the city, and travelling more often.

This is Cassie, the great shopping enabler. I ended up buying more shoes in our trip to Malaysia before because of her Jedi mind tricks. Also, the only person who appreciates why people go wild at Forever 21.

This is Camille; she dresses up for the occasion. She's going away to Canada for her (our) future. When she gets her VISA, she's going to be my common law partner and take me away from this Third World Country (lulz). She's also a constant source of comic relief.
Case in point: her T for Tanga look.
I don't know what this was for. Please enlighten me.
This is Zhorai. She ate all that pasta in front of her. All by her self. Also, floor and newspapers, that's how we roll.

This is me and Zhorai checking if Sun Broadband works in my unit. It barely does, and Zhorai shows her disappointment about it.
This is me cheering her up.

This is Us.
I still hate Camille for leaving and ruining my margarita nights, being neighbors and asking for food everyday (her parents got a unit in a condo a few blocks away), and being the Serendra/Powerplant moms that we plan to be dreams.

But maybe we can be all that and more in 3 years (insert awkward laughter here).

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